Thank you to all those who responded to our Website and College Communications survey.

With over a 80% satisfaction rating across all areas of our new website we are extremely happy to be better serving our College community in 2018. We can still do better…see below:

  1. College Events are now clearly promoted on our front page.
  2. Categories – these have been improved and reduced to assist you in easily accessing the information relevant to you.
  3. Support Documents and Letters Рthese are now attached to each calendar event (you are now able to download the excursion form associated to the excursion).
  4. Reduced the number of items being published.
  1. Our new Monthly Newsletter will be published this month, subscribers will have it automatically emailed to them.
  2. We remain committed to publishing our News as it happens via our News Posts (these are linked directly to our Facebook page).
College App
  1. Over 90% of our website visitors our using a mobile device
  2. Our new App will be launched with our Newsletter and it will provide direct access to the most frequently features of our website and will push messages related to you (set by you).
  3. Website Features include:
    1. Absentee Notes – form
    2. Change of Details – form
    3. Contacts
    4. News