On Friday the 9th of March, Year 8 students were privileged with the opportunity to watch a demonstration of what Medieval Europe, the topic they are currently studying, is like. From weaponry, to protection appliances and punishment devices, it was all a wonderful experience for the boys to observe.

The presentation started with different armour for different periods of time in which students were able to volunteer to wear, and went on to demonstrate different attack and protection mechanisms such as swords, shields and other weaponry. It was then that the students were able to look at, wear and hold different items. They were also able to experience what medieval life was like by utilizing different items such as the pillory and wearing different armour.

It was then that the presenters spoke about different crimes, that are trivialized in our current era such as gossiping, “nagging” one’s husband and not having a job. All these crimes would have a punishment equivalent to the severity of the crime. It was then that both sessions had appeared to have concluded, hence the end of the incursion.

It was a wonderful period of time that we were able to experience life in Medieval Europe and one we do not discard of lightly. We thank the two presenters, James and Kyla and the Assistant HSIE Coordinator, Miss Atkinson for providing us with this opportunity.

With thanks,

Marley Satchell

Year 8