AIME Workshop Day

Friday the 6th of May saw our Y9, Y10, Y11 and Y12 boys head off to the second AIME Workshop day at Western Sydney University.

There was a variety of activities that the boys participated in throughout the day. The students broke up into senior and junior workshop groups and were taken to a different learning space, so that they could focus on their own topics and activities. The Y9 and Y10 boys worked through a main theme throughout the day. ‘It’s ok to Fail’. The students participated in a number of activities that saw them challenged. They then discussed times in their lives where they have failed and set goals and what they can do in the future to overcome these failures.

Y11 and Y12’s went on a different path, with a focus on where they had come from and how this has shaped who they are as a person. The students worked on their personal journey that has led them to this point in their lives, in particular their AIME journey. The students then shared their stories with each other and learned to be confident in their identity as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person finishing high school and entering the next stage of life. 

As this was the last day for the Y12 students attending AIME workshops, at the conclusion of the day they were presented with their AIME hoodie as a reward for commitment to the program. The boys will now work with AIME mentors to coordinate an exit plan for when they complete the HSC.

Overall the boys really enjoyed the day and it was great to see them developing confidence in themselves. The boys can’t wait for the next workshop in Term 3.

For our Year 12 boys this is there AIME graduation and for most of these boys it is a journey have they completed over the last 6 years.


Mr J. Bourke

Indigenous Education Officer | PDHPE Teacher