“Support Your State and Look Out For Your Mates”

Today, in preparation for Game 2 of the State of Origin, Surawski is celebrating their Blue Day, promoting mateship and well-being. Students received crew cards, containing support services and helping them to identify who they call on when they need help. They also watched a student created video message and received information on the 5 ways to well-being. 

Winners of Support Crew Do Competition were:

  • Aidan Hamlin for supporting his family
  • Jacob Cohen for teaching Bass Guitar
  • Ethan Hutchings for fund raising of a sick friend
  • Jesse Blade for sharing his footy gear with less fortunate
  • Lochlan Marshall for helping a friend who was depressed and needed support

Congratulations to all the entrants and thank you for sharing your acts of kindness. Giving, helps both the giver and receiver to gain a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Bronwyn Birkett

Surawski House Co-ordinator