The development of enterprise skills is the focus of the HSIE II faculty in 2018.  Year 10 Commerce have put the knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom in the Running a Business unit into practice in real world, workplace situations through a Market Day designed for Year 8 students.  Year 10 Commerce were tasked with a challenge to work in groups of 4 or 5 to design and create their own business suitable for Year 8 students to purchase at their stall.  Commerce students have been working for a couple of weeks, creating an original idea, writing a business plan, undertaking market research, finding and bargaining with suppliers and utilising the marketing mix for their target market to create a profitable enterprise.


A variety of stalls including sausage sizzles, pizza, ice cream spiders, hot chips, basketball competitions and a dessert bar were on offer for Year 8 to use their purchasing power to decide the ultimate winner.  Music, creative uniforms and decorations aimed to attract customers to each stall.  Year 9 Commerce students were on hand, assessing the performance of each team as well as getting ideas for their Market Day in 2019.  Year 10 donated all profits to the Movember Foundation, an organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health in Australia.

Ms Reid

KLA Coordinator – HSIE II