On Tuesday, 5th June, year 11 biology students attended Brewongle Environmental Education Centre at Sackville North to conduct field work for their depth study. They took on the responsibility of being an ecologist for a day and collaborated within their teams.

Students used the tools provided at the centre to measure various environmental factors as a group. They were able to compare their results and discuss them.

There were many highlights of the day, including the discovery of a possum in one of the nest boxes. Students used camera probes to make observations inside the next boxes and were able to spot animal activity.

The Bushman Challenge was also a highlight. Many students took part in the challenge by competing for the best bushman outfit. Congratulations Todd Robertson for winning the Bushman prize of the year.

The staff at Brewongle Environmental Education Centre were impressed by the level of engagement and mannerisms of our students.

Students will continue to be working over the next month to apply the results obtained from the field work into a scientific report.

There will be a significant amount of collaboration between the students through online discussions and class work.

We will be looking forward to reading the ideas presented in their scientific reports.


Manal Tahan & Danielle Lister