As a proud community with a rich history, St Dominic’s College gathered to celebrate Founders’ Week, recognising  Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice and St Dominic Savio
Founders’ Mass

A number of activities were planned, commencing with our Founders’ Mass.  Attended by the whole College Community, the Mass celebrated our Founders.

Mr Ronchetti also recognised current staff members who form part of the the College Alumni.  Having attended the College themselves as students, our staff members were presented with Alumni badges.  

Waterford Mile & Callan Sprint

Typically contested by invited participants representing the four Houses in St Dominic’s College, the Waterford Mile and Callan Sprint test the endurance and perseverance of our competitors. Endurance is a term often associated with one’s ability to cope with hardship, whilst perseverance is the fortitude to continue with a course of action without being discouraged by the difficulties along the way. Both of these characteristics were typical of our founder, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

The Waterford Mile gives reference to the city of Waterford in Ireland, where in 1802, Edmund opened his first school for the poor and underprivileged boys of Waterford. Whilst Callan is significant as this was the birthplace of our Founder. Therefore on this, our Founder’s Day, we celebrate the endurance and perseverance of Blessed Edmund by contesting the gruelling Waterford Mile and the Callan Sprint as is experienced across many Edmund Rice Education Australia schools across our country.

Edmund Rice Ministries exist throughout the world and as we know from our Olympic tradition the colours of all the flags throughout the world are represented in the Olympic rings. Edmund Rice movement is colourful and vibrant movement for change. Therefore we conclude Founders’ Week expressing all of that colour in a colour run for our Yr 12 students.

Our Champions of the day were Joshua Debritt and Noah Lang.

Colour Run

A great day celebrated by the College, ending with Year 12 and teachers participating in a colour run.