Yr 12 Biology Excursion to the

Museum of Human Diseases

On the 3rd June, our Year 12 Biology students attended the Museum of Human Diseases at the University of New South Wales. This visit forms a major part of the disease’s unit in the Biology Syllabus.

We arrived early at the University and from there our students were able to explore the facilities available and experience a day as a university student.

Once we entered the museum, we were greeted by a presenter who specialises in concepts in human pathology. The presenter showcased the effects of lifestyle factors on the human body. She explained the link between alcohol and cirrhosis of the liver. Students were shown a sample of a liver from a patient affected with liver cirrhosis. The presenter also explained the link between smoking and atherosclerosis. Our students were also able to see a sample of a blood vessel that had an aneurysm.  For both organs, there was discussion among our students about the texture, colour, shape and size.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we spent a significant amount of time in the museum observing real life human diseased organs. There was also a simulator that allowed students to observe how blood flows through the vessels. They also saw what the interior of the blood vessels.

During the session many medical students from the university were there to support our students with any questions. There was a booklet provided to complete by observing all samples in every location within the museum.

The outcome of the event was successful with all our students engaged with the activities.