On Wednesday, Year 8 had the opportunity to attend the Medieval Incursion where we were able to see and touch medieval items like armour, shields, swords, chain mail and more. This was a great opportunity for Year 8 as we are studying Medieval Europe in our History class this term and by seeing these items we now have a better understanding.

Year 8 also learnt about history, how these items were used and when they were used. We also learnt what our surnames meant and how they came to exist. For example, if your name is Smith, you were a blacksmith, if your name is Johnson you were the son of John and if your name was Townsend then you lived at the end of town. We also got to try on the items which was very fun and made for some great pictures and times with friends.

Overall, this was a very fun day and Year 8 had a very good time learning new things and getting to see some very cool items that deepened our understanding of medieval life.

By Lucas Bonnici – 8H History