On Friday, 12 February St Dominic’s College celebrated the commencement of the 2021 School Year, with our annual College Opening Mass.

Students and Staff  gathered as a College Community to reflect on the year ahead and how we can all contribute to honouring our 2021 College Theme, ‘Renew the Earth’. 

At the conclusion of the Mass, the 2021 Student Leaders, SRC and Year 12 students were presented to the College Community and received their respective portfolio badges. 

Prefect Portfolios 



College Captain  

Dylan Wilson

 College Vice-Captain  

Lwandile Ndlovu



Dharuk House Prefect
Rice House Prefect
Surawski House Prefect
Tench House Prefect
Jacob Zordoumis   Harrison Moss   Clay Saunders  

Andrew Nicotera

Academic Prefect
Religious Prefect
Social Justice Prefect
Pastoral Care Prefect
Maksim Vujasin   Patrick Rowan   Flynn Cole   

Nicolas Hodge

Cultural and Sport Prefect
Cultural and Sport Prefect
Communication Prefect
Communication Prefect
Bayley Baragry   Jirah Liddiard   Noah Cutajar   Jonah Pares



Student Representative Council

The SRC is an opportunity for students in Years 8-10 to demonstrate and develop leadership in the College. It provides the student body with a voice, and develops students into active College citizens. In order to get involved, Year 8-10 will elect 2 representatives from each House (1 per Homeroom).  

2021 Representatives


Dharuk 8A
Dharuk 8B
Rice 8A
Rice 8B
Oliver Nekic Cooper Horne   Matthew Hamilton Jaiden Brown
Dharuk 9A
Dharuk 9B
Rice 9A
Rice 9B
Tor Tor James Lennox   Ante Broz Lachlan Antecki
Dharuk 10A
Dharuk 10B
Rice 10A
Rice 10B
Christopher Manoukian Samuel Brett   Harrison Dengate Beau Pronesti


Surawski 8A
Surawski 8B
Tench 8A
Tench 8B
Balav Silwal Saviru Boteju   Jack Planer Joshua King
Surawski 9A
Surawski 9B
Tench 9A
Tench 9B
Toby Camilleri Brodie Dempsey   Nathaniel Cant Kevin Anand
Surawski 10A
Surawski 10B
Tench 10A
Tench 10B
Harrison Mehew Nathan Vella   Daanish Ahmed Jose Corcio