CBCA Book Week 2018

Each year the Edmund Rice Learning Centre brings children and books together by celebrating CBCA Book Week. During this time, the children celebrate Australian children’s literature, and the Kid’s Cancer Project ‘Write a Book in a Day’ is an integral part of this. This year’s theme for Book Week is ‘Find your treasure …’

On Monday 20th August, 42 boys from Years 8-10 have written, edited and illustrated a book in twelve hours. The initiative has teams of students writing a children’s book that will be donated to various children’s hospitals throughout Australia. Seven teams have written Australian stories titled: Agent M105, Didgeridoo Done Hack You, Christmas Is Ruined, Time Line, The Great Ferret War, Virtual Revenge, and From Nam to Nowhere: A Journey.

Their stories incorporate five parameters (two human characters and one non-human character, a setting and an issue) and five random words.


Congratulations to the following students who participated in the event:

From Nam to Nowhere: A Journey

By Cooper Hill (Lead Writer), Daniel Goddard, William Edgar, Alexi Pepper


Operation Crouching Dragon

By Jake Zakostelsky (Lead Writer), Tyson Goodwin, Ryan Attard, Hayden Cocks, Patrick Rowan, Benjamin Baker, Reece Whatman, Joel McCann, Aali Shaan, Aiden Montgomery


Virtual Revenge

By Shivam Kapoor (Lead Writer), Soobaan Sharif, Jeffrey Ding, Iman Dhillon, Eapen Tharakan, Kumwarpreet Dua, Perry Lopez


The Adventures Of Agent M105

By Jack Atkinson (Lead Writer), Aiden Craig, Jayden Loughman, Shady Booth, Bailey Bowers


Didgeridoo Done Hacked You

By Hayden Walsh (Lead Writer), Jackson Berg, Chris Vertsetis, Dinath Senaratne, Lachlan Carpenter, Evan Halliburton. Aidan McKervey


Time Line

By Marley Satchell (Lead Writer), Navsirat Wander, Thomas Garrahy, Snehin Talusani, Ethan Sullivan, Riley Connolly


Christmas Is Ruined

By Lachlan Harris (Lead Writer), Jasraj Bajwa, Karamveer Kahlon


You will be able to find these stories on the St Dominic’s College Canvas Site – College Page, in the ERLC tab


Mrs S.Hazell and Mr D. D’Souza