We have started the year committed to live out our College theme of Welcome, Nurture, Celebrate and we have imprinted this liturgically through the Staff Beginning Mass, where we welcomed new staff, our Opening College Mass, where we welcomed Year 7, special guests and our Bishop commissioned our new principal, invested our new prefects and blessed our new buildings.


As we began Lent we had two Ash Services, led by Miss Quinlivan, Mr Godsell and Mr Mackinnon, for Years 8 -12 and a separate one for Year 7, when they returned from their camp. Our Prefects provided leadership in all of these liturgies. These liturgies were supported, as always by Mrs Lawson, Mr Hine and Mr Wilson leading our Choir, Band and Sound Crew.

We have already had requests from students for the blue Advanced Social Justice Booklets as students are updating their Social Justice Hours and I commend Ms Tahan, Mr Glass, Mrs Tangata-Toa, Mr Cummins, Mr Kennedy-Gould, Mr Hall and Ms Shaw for providing opportunities to activate our students. Opportunities to complete the mandatory hours are easily enough to find – just ask the over 100 students who volunteered at our Open Day on Sunday!


Our Project Compassion is rolling out to Homeroom and each class is deciding on targets and projects than they can support. As we begin the Church’s season of Lent we are encouraging our students to change and become the people they want to be and decide whether their Lenten sacrifice is something they need they need to ‘give up’ or ‘take up’.


We hope this supports the faith development and nurturing that you are engaged in at home.