“I am the living bread of … Anyone who eats this

bread will live forever; and the bread that I shall give

is my flesh, for the life of the world.”


Over the past five weeks, the key message from all the Sunday mass readings has been about the bread of life.  Through our Baptism we are encouraged to come and eat the bread of life so that we may have a fuller life with Jesus light of our life.  When we eat the bread with Christ we assume all the Gospel responsibilities.  These people are clearly evident to us through their happiness, compassion, peacefulness, love and calmness. When we have an encounter with the living bread we feel renewed ready to continuing sharing the gospel values with others.  Our relationship with Christ supports and enlightens our relationships with others.  We are all companions on the journey breaking bread and sharing life.  Let us continue to eat the bread of life so that God’s goodness is constantly in our lives.

On Wednesday 15th August, the 2019 College Prefects were announced to the College community.  Congratulations to Julian Trini, Joshua Haydon, Benjamin Xiberras, Deng Athum, Keegan Brady, Odin Brown, Lachlan Camilleri, Ethan Wheeler, Aaron Riley, David Pletkan, Jakye Searle, Joshua Tamburello, Todd Roberston and Damien Sullivan.  I look forward to their leadership of the College over the next twelve months.

The Y12 Parent and Student Post Trial Information Evening was exceptionally well received with parents grateful for the opportunity to listen to some key messages post Trial examinations.  Though this period can be a stressful time, it is also a time where our students have the greatest learning gains.  Perhaps it is because the students realise the urgency of their preparation for the HSC examinations or because of their Trial results, regardless, this is an important time for both staff and students.  Therefore, attendance at school is crucial so that the students can maximise their learning.  The other key piece of advice for all students is to seek feedback.  No point continuing with their preparation if they do not seek effective feedback from their teachers.  This will ensure they are on the right track with their studies.  I look forward to the next five weeks as the students finalise their preparations and look towards the conclusion of their time here at St Dominic’s College.

The College Athletics Carnival was an outstanding success with all students clearly enjoying the novelty events and the competitive nature of the more traditional athletics events.  Congratulations to James Neilly for breaking the long-jump record.  The previous record was held by D. Houghton with a distance of 5.68m.  James broke this record with a jump of 5.86m.  An outstanding achievement.





Congratulations to the Tench House for being the victorious House in what was a very close competition.  Next week the College will compete in the MCS Annual Athletics Carnival at Homebush.  Hopefully, our carnival has prepared our students so that they can achieve their personal best in their chosen event.

Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine

Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal