By participating in the Manchester City Football School at St Dominic’s College trials (“the Trials”) and clicking on

‘Accept’, I confirm and agree to the following on behalf of my son:

  1. Fitness. He is physically fit and able to participate in the sporting activities to take place during the Trials and I accept all risks resulting from his participation in these activities. I agree that St Dominic’s College, its staff and Manchester City coaches are not responsible for any injury, death or loss of property to any person suffered while participating or in any way involved in the Trials, save on the part of their negligence.
  2. Medical attention. In the event that he needs medical attention during the Trials, I agree that he can be treated by a qualified emergency first aid staff member.
  3. Behaviour. He will conduct himself in an appropriate manner at all times during the Trials and will not act improperly, violently or impolitely towards any other person or property.
  4. Confidentiality. He will keep confidential all aspects of Manchester City (including information about Manchester City personnel and players) that he learns during the Trials, whether such information has been learned incidentally, intentionally or otherwise.
  5. Recordings. He will not bring to or use at the Program any video or other filming or recording equipment nor will he record or attempt to record (whether permanently or transiently) or transmit for his own or any other person’s purposes moving images or voices of any Manchester City personnel at any time during the Trials.
  6. Use of images. I hereby grant St Dominic’s College and Manchester City the right, without approval or compensation, to use my son/s image in any of the photographs or video recordings taken at the Trials for any purpose in any part of the world.
  7. Trial Fee: I understand that I am required to pay $120 Trial Fee*. A $120 Trial Fee must be payable on completion of this Registration. The Trial Fee does not apply to existing students or enrolled students (including Year 7, 2024) of St Dominic’s College. If your son is accepted into the Manchester City Football School, the Trial Fee will be applied as your Enrolment Fee. Please be aware that if your son is not accepted into the Manchester City Football School, the Trial Fee is non refundable.