Edmund Rice Learning Centre

Learning Statement

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre is a social, cultural and educational learning space that creates vibrant links between e-learning, information management, critical literacy and knowledge creation.

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre is a vital partner in the teaching, learning and community service activities of the College and we aim to create avid learners who are information literate and able to access high quality resource based learning experiences.

We aim to provide you with access to information resources, assistance in using them, and the support to enable you to develop the skills needed to fulfil your current and future information needs. Our objective is to provide the best possible service, and to be responsive, innovative and professional in everything we do.

We are dedicated to meeting your information needs by being proactive and delivering an extensive range of services in the Edmund Rice Learning Centre. We will make available as many resources as possible in various formats to meet your needs, wherever you are located. The Edmund Rice Learning Centre’s Clients are:

•    Students

•    Staff

•    St. Dominic’s College Community

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre is committed to providing a wide and varied range of resources to support the curricular and recreational needs of our clients through:

•    Print

•    Electronic

•    Multimedia

•    Other resource based learning equipment

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre’s professional and skilled staff, collaborate with teaching staff to

•   Empower students to be life-long learners

•   Encourage students and staff to engage in the enjoyment of recreational reading

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre strives to provide a welcoming, creative and safe environment for all students and staff.


Click here for the ERLC Online Catalogue

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ERLC HOURS – Monday to Friday: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

The ERLC is open to students before school, at recess, lunchtime and after school.The afternoon study classes, co-ordinated by Mrs Hazell, are held in the ERLC from 3.00 to 4.00 pm. This facility provides a wide range of resources and information to assist with the teaching and learning process and students are encouraged to use all services available. Our aim is to provide all members of the College community with equal access to information and resources in an environment, which promotes the learning process. Emphasis is given to the acquisition of current materials, which are relevant to a range of student needs and reading levels. Student requests are recorded throughout the year, to cater for their changing needs. Staff are also encouraged to request resources needed to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

The ERLC provides users with the opportunity to research and read in comfort. Ducted air-conditioning provides climate control, so users are not effected by the extremes of summer heat and winter chill. A glass light well in the middle of the centre and special soundproofing material in the roof structure add to the ambience of our resource centre.
A lift has been installed for those who are temporarily or permanently disabled. There is seating for three class groups, as well as two seminar rooms for small groups of students.


Borrowing Limits: This is negotiable, depending on student need and resource availability at that time

  • Years 7 to 9: a maximum of 8 items may be borrowed at any time.
  • Years 10 to 12: a maximum of 10 items may be borrowed.
  • Borrowing Periods: These vary and extensions of time may be negotiated.
  • Fiction and Non-fiction books: 2 Weeks.
  • Magazines: 1 Week.

Students using the photocopier must obey the Copyright Laws displayed.

A4 and A3 printing is available to students. Students have the choice to print in black and white, or colour.


Students have access to 6 computers to search the Internet. These computers are available for use for Educational Purposes only. Due to the demands being made on these resources and in the interest of fairness, booking of a computer is required.


The ERLC catalogue may be accessed through the Internet, using the link on the above. Assistance with using the computers is readily available from ERLC staff.


Materials have been selected to cater for a wide range of interests, curriculum needs and student abilities. The ERLC collection contains easy-to-read, well-presented materials which students are able to use.For senior students, resources have been purchased to provide a greater depth of information, which is well-presented.The Senior Collection Area has been established to provide students with access to study guides, past HSC exam papers and topic reviews.