2017 HSC High Achievers Assembly

The High Achievers Assembly was a genuine celebration of the outstanding achievement of not only the students but the dedicated staff who guided and supported the students throughout their time at the College.  The perseverance and persistence of all these fine young men will, hopefully, act as an inspiration for our future high achievers.  The 2017 Dux and best performing student for 2017 with an ATAR of 97.8 provided the key note address on the day.  Hartley Dhyon’s words of encouragement were inspirational.  He even provided ‘free’ advice for all students that included being organised and internal motivation. His words were very humbling, especially when he thanked his parents for their ongoing support.  There was great emotion and genuine appreciation in his speech as evident in the tears shed by both Mr and Mrs Dhyon.  Hartley’s words reinforced the growth mindset approach, whereby students are encouraged to say they cannot do something, yet.  It is this last part that should inspire all students to continue learning even when things appear difficult. Through hard work and a commitment to success, all students have the possibility to achieve beyond their expectations.  As Abraham Lincoln stated, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  The College will distribute a 2017 High Achievers booklet for the first time. May this publication of our high achievers be an inspiration for all our sons.

Mr Michael Ronchetti 

College Principal

HSC High Achiever Booklet

Click the image below to access the 2017 High Achiever booklet