“Go out to the whole world, proclaim the Good News to all creation.”



We have been commissioned by Jesus to live the gospel values in our daily lives.  Are you responding to the call? How have you responded to the call?  These are questions that we are asking frequently but it is at this time leading into Pentecost that these words become more prevalent.  The Holy Spirit is amongst us and we are encouraged by the Spirit to go out and preach the Good news to all those who will listen.  We are the Church and therefore we must continue to proclaim the gospel values in particular the message of compassion, justice and peace making these practices a reality in our own lives.


The week between the Feast of Ascension and Pentecost is set aside as Christian Unity Week.  During this special week, we invite all Christians to pray the following prayer each day:


Prayer of Christian Unity


Across all our barriers of language, race and nationality                             R: Unite us Jesus

Across all our mutual ignorance, prejudice and hostility                              R: Unite us Jesus

Across all our differences of thought, outlook and religious allegiance     R: Unite us Jesus


O God, for your greater glory                                                                            R: Gather together the separated Christians

O God, for the triumph of goodness and truth                                               R: Gather together the separated Christians

O God, that there may be one flock and one Shepherd                                R: Gather together the separated Christians

O God, to confound the pride of Satan and his assaults                              R: Gather together the separated Christians

O God, that peace may reign in the world at last                                          R: Gather together the separated Christians

O God, for the great joy of the heart of your son                                           R: Gather together the separated Christians



Founders’ Week was a wonderful celebration of what it means to be a student educated in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice and in the spirit of St Dominic Savio.  Throughout the week, constant reference to the story of both Blessed Edmund and St Dominic hopefully provided the students inspiration to follow in their footsteps and advocate for the poor and for those marginalised by society.  Our social justice talks by St Vincent De Paul and Eddy’s camps helped students understand the plight of refugees, the significant challenges for the homeless, the struggles of the poor and marginalised, the ongoing trials and tribulations of the indigenous community and the many new challenges for the young people of our society.

The Founders’ Mass on Friday provided each member of the College community time to thank all those who have gone before us in the establishment of the Christian Brothers and our great College.  At the mass, we were blessed with the presence of two Christian Brothers – Br Jeff Regan (former Principal and Br Michael Walsh (former Board member). They represent the outstanding contribution of the Christian Brothers, in not only establishing St Dominic’s, but in providing an education in the tradition of Edmund Rice for tens of thousands of students across Australia and the world.  We are honoured by their constant support of our College.

The activities organised throughout the day allowed students to compete for House points that would go towards the Br Jeff Regan House Cup. The activities varied from handball, to basketball, to football, to touch, to Oz Tag, to Aussie Rules, to vortex, to kick tennis.  The trivia activity really challenged our students especially as no devices were permitted.  The day concluded with a BBQ lunch for all students and the inaugural running of the Waterford Mile and the Callan Sprint.  Both these races were handicapped with Y7 students having a good start before the senior students were permitted to start.  Congratulations to Jaxsen Edgar (Dharuk) (Waterford Mile) and Ethan Hutchings (Surawski) (Callan Sprint) for becoming these inaugural winners of the races.  This was a special day for the College and plans are already underway for making this day even better for our 60-year anniversary.  Thank you to staff and students for making this day special.


The Mothers’ Day Mass proved once again the importance of celebrating the beautiful relationship that a son has with their mother.  With well over 500 mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties, significant other and of course, the boys, filled the Br Warner Hall.  The mass was beautiful especially when the boys gave a flower to the mothers within the Hall.  This is truly an affectionate moment.  Thanks to the touching reflection by Mrs Reid about her grandmother. Many tears were shed as a result.  I hope that all our sons spoilt the mothers, grandmothers, significant other in their lives on Mothers’ Day.  Mother’s Day brings out the goodness in all their sons.  I would like to share a prayer with all the community from St Mother Teresa of Kolkata as we pray for all our mothers.



A Prayer for Mothers


“Lord, when I am hungry,

give me someone who stretches out their hand

to me.

When I am thirsty,

give me someone who needs a drink.

When I am cold,

give me someone to console.

When my cross becomes heavy,

give me someone to help.

When I feel abandoned,

give me someone to love.”


St Mother Teresa of Kolkata



The Y11 and Y12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews are compulsory for all students and their parents as it provides one of the last formal occasions to meet and discuss the academic progress of our sons.  Y12 in particular have been provided with a reflection document that will assist them in re-evaluating their current position.  Like a mid-course health check.  Students are to bring these reports to the interviews with their teachers.  All students will also be interviewed by a senior member of staff in the coming week to discuss their current progress.


St Dominic’s long tradition in Rugby League continued on Tuesday 15th May, when the first XIII Rugby League team played another proud boy school, Holy College Ryde, in the first round of the NRL Schoolboy Cup at Holy College Ryde.  This showdown provided great entertainment with both teams competing exceptionally well.  Though the First XIII fell short in victory, they displayed exceptional courage and College spirit throughout the game.  Congratulations to all the players for their ongoing commitment to the College. Thanks to all the supporters who travelled to Ryde and supported with great enthusiasm especially our staff – Mr Cummins, Mrs Birkett, Mr Hall, Mr Bourke, Mr Ahern, Miss Day and Mr Walsh. Special thanks to Mr Mackinnon, Mr Rawding and for Mr Peake for preparing and managing the team.  An extremely proud College Principal.


Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine



Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal