“They were filled with the Holy Spirit.”


The event of Pentecost marks the beginning of the time of the Church.  During this time, Christ is with us in Spirit, defending and guiding us and leading us to the fullness of truth.  We, as a Church, proclaim Christ’s message in every language and witness to presence of the Spirit by manifesting the Spirit’s gifts, especially the gift of love.  As the Spirit filled the Apostles, the gifts of the Spirit across the entire world now once again fill the hearts of believers.  The breath of the Holy Spirit is with us each day not just on Pentecost.

Fr Ken Barker MGL wrote in the Catholic weekly “Within the culture of Pentecost we are open to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, changing us from within so we become authentic witness of the love of God.”  We allow the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom to know what to do in any given situation, and we seek guidance on when to and when not to speak. The gifts of the spirit brings

“… love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Gal 5:22) Through these gifts and our acceptance of our role in prompting these gifts, we help build the “culture of Pentecost”

Like the first Apostles, the same flame is poured on us, to walk with the teacher, our Lord, and be consumed by the gifts of the Spirit.  St Paul stated that we need to breathe gentleness, love and generosity on all those we encounter so that the world may be filled with the gifts of the Spirit.

Like the apostles, we too are encouraged to allow the spirit to speak through us without fear of persecution so that all, no matter what language they speak, consume these beautiful gifts of the Spirit.  As Pope Francis states, “the presence of the Holy Spirit will give you strength …” to share these gifts and fight well against evil and temptations.


Why Red? Priest wear red vestments on Pentecost Sunday as it signifies the Holy Spirit 


Y7 and Y9 completed the NAPLAN Testing last week and from speaking with many of the students they were confident that they completed the test to the best of their ability.  These diagnostics tests provide the College with important data that inform us of how to best support our students therefore developing the appropriate literacy and numeracy strategies.  Thank you to all the staff for helping our students prepare for these tests in a very non threatening environment. 


Celebrating the academic achievements of our students provides great joy and happiness to so many members of our community.  To our dedicated teachers who are encouraged by the success of their students. To our supportive parents who see the joy and happiness in the son’s achievements and to our committed students who work extremely hard to meet the challenges of senior study and are rewarded for their efforts.  Congratulation to all our students who received an award at our Y12 Academic Ceremony.


The College was honoured with the return of one of its past College Captains, Francis Tamer (Class of 2013). Francis provided excellent advice for the students especially in developing good habits and self-discipline.  He commenced by reflecting on a question about “Why do teachers care?” especially when it came to the small things such as wearing your blazer, having your top button done up, tucking in your shirt, etc …  It is these one percenters that helps develop good habits and therefore instils self-discipline.  As a high achiever at school, Francis did not anticipate the struggles he experienced in his first few years at University but he was able to reflect on the teachings of the teachers from St Dominic’s that assisted him in meeting these challenges.  He encouraged all students to be accountable for their actions and their learning so that they become self-directed learners.  So why do they care so much about their students? It is because we love each child, have faith, and hope for every individual we encounter.


The Y11 and Y12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews are compulsory for all students and their parents as it provides one of the last formal occasions to meet and discuss the academic progress of our sons.  Any student who is not able to attend is to provide their Pastoral Coordinator with a note before the day.


Please keep in your prayers

Mr Toni Thompson, a current teacher at St Dominic’s – SAVIO Education Centre, wife of Mrs Carmen Thompson, Art/RE Teacher at St Dominic’s, recently underwent a heart operation.  Though there were complications at first, his condition has stabilised and he is recovering well.  During this month of Mary, please keep him and others in our community in your prayers as they recover from their illnesses.


Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine



Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal

 College Principal Weekly Address Term 2 _ Week 4