“Your words Lord are spirit and life”

The teachings of Christ are always well received but not always well understood however, through our faith we believe in his messages.  As followers of Christ, the first apostles were constantly challenged by these teachings mainly because they were either too demanding or they did not understand the spiritual messages Christ was attempting to deliver.  As many wandered away from his teachings, he did not necessarily seek out these people but rather focused his attention on those who remained to listen to his words.  Today, many people are in a similar position, as the early believers, as they wander away from the Church because they are challenged by the teachings and doctrines of the Church.  Christ is not about to change anything.  He is not bias and he will not compromise his love for you.  Regardless of the challenges you may be facing, Christ seeks to nourish you so that your actions reflect the living Christ, his compassion, kindness, love, peace and forgiveness.  His words are spirit and life for those who remain and listen.


The devastation of the drought is becoming increasingly an event in all our media reports with the hope of rain looking grim.  The Australian Bishops have called on all Australians to continue to pray everyday for rain:


Lord God, creator of the world with all its seasons,

we ask that you would hear our urgent prayer for life-giving rains for our country Australia.



Let us join with all Catholics around Australia and recite this prayer daily in support of all Australians who are facing difficult times because of the drought.


Cancer has affected or continues to affect many families.  On Friday 24th August, many celebrated Daffodil Day, which is the day of the year the Australian Cancer Council invite all Australians to unite and lend their support to fight against cancer.  It is also a day to celebrate the spirit of cancer survivors and their families, carers and medical specialists and researchers, bringing hope and goodwill for the future of all Australians.  So let us, as a community, lend our prayers to support this great cause.






The annual Winter Sleep Out provides students with the opportunity to experience what it would be like if they didn’t have the luxuries of society for one cold winter’s night. Last Friday many of our students really appreciated how fortunate they are after experiencing a bitterly cold evening with very little luxuries.  Thanks to all our students for partaking in such a worthy cause and the numerous staff members who supported the students gain a greater appreciation for those who are homeless.  “Despite popular belief, children are one of the largest groups of Australians experiencing homelessness. In fact, children under the age of 18 make up 27% of people experiencing homelessness. And this figure is likely to be an under count due to the limitations of the Census as a vehicle for capturing people aged 12-18 who are staying temporarily with friends and relatives.” (View Here 28/08/18)


Over the past days, Mrs Shankar, Mr Jansz and myself were privileged to host the Leaders Retreat for our newly elected College student leaders.  The retreat provides an opportunity for the students to reflect upon their decision to accept their role as leaders in the College.  It also allows the students to commence sharing ideas and thoughts into how they will best serve the St Dominic’s College community during the next 18th months.  The elected leaders are most impressive and will confidently continue the great work of all the leaders who have come before them and thus maintaining the strong connection to positive leadership. 


A reminder to all parents that the Y7 – Y10 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on Wednesday 12th September. Bookings can be made through our online service.  This is a great opportunity for all parents to speak with their son’s teachers and discuss their son’s development.  Year 12 parents are particularly encouraged to attend as this will be the last formal opportunity before your sons complete the Year 12 course and prepare for the HSC examinations in Term 4. 


The Creative Arts and Performing Arts Showcase will be held on Wednesday 29th August from 5pm.  A reminder of this significant event where boys from the creative arts and performing arts departments display their talents. The Visual Art and Visual Design exhibition will commence from 5pm in the Br Treacy Centre while the Music performances will start from 7pm in the Music Centre.  Invitations have been sent out with all details.  Please come and support these talented members of the College.


The Annual Father’s Day Mass will be held on Friday 31st August. The College invites all fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers and significant others to our annual Father’s Day Mass.  Like the Mother’s Day mass, this has become a significant event in the College calendar.  The mass also coincides with the College Jersey Day so please wear a jersey to the mass.  A reminder that if you are attending please send in a photo for the reflection.  I look forward to seeing you.


St Dominic’s will once again compete in the Annual MCS Athletics Carnival at Homebush.  We wish all our athletes every success as they strive to achieve their personal best in an attempt to win the wanted shield.


Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine



Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal