The stone has become the cornerstone

The Easter message continued this week with doubting Thomas. How many times have we, like Thomas, doubted things that we have no real answers.  Does this doubt say more about our mistrust, especially as we, too, have yet to see the “holes they made, and unless I can put my hand into his side”? I find it difficult to believe.  There is no doubt that we face many challenging moments, but we now are the witnesses to the actions of Jesus and thus must trust in the word.  Let us close our ears and eyes to what is happening around us and stop running with Thomas. Have faith in Jesus as he supports us through the Easter experience.

The 2018 Project Compassion collection will conclude at the end of this week.  Today, Surawski House organised ‘change for change’ day.  Students were encouraged to bring along coins to be connected together to see which House would have the longest line of coins.  Congratulations to Rice House for bringing the most coins for the day.  Please continue to support our cause for the remainder of the week.


Relay for Life provides an opportunity for the College community to reflect on and support all those families who have been affected by cancer.  Everyone knows of someone who has been affected by cancer or has passed away as a result of cancer.  The St Dominic’s College team, organised by Mr Cummins, was well supported by staff and students throughout the day, with many ex-students and their families’ part of other teams acknowledging our support of this worthy cause.  Thank you to everyone who supported our effort especially all the donations from many members of this most supportive community.

A reminder to all families that from the commencement of Term 2, all students are expected to wear their full Winter uniform, including the College blazer.  If you have not yet purchased your son’s blazer, I would encourage you to contact the College uniform shop.  All students are to wear the full College Winter uniform (blazer) from the time they leave home until they enter their homeroom in the morning.  Likewise, they are expected to wear their blazer when they are dismissed from their Period 5 class or when they leave the College grounds.  Students are to have their tie and top button done up at all times.  For clarification of the uniform policy I would like to direct all families to pages 23 of the College diary.

On Wednesday 9th May the College invites all mothers, grandmothers and guardians to celebrate the Eucharist in the company of their sons and grandsons to acknowledge all mothers.  The Mother’s Day Mass has become a special occasion in the College calendar.  All visitors are invited to a morning tea after the mass.  All RSVP’s are due by 26th April for catering purposes.  We look forward to seeing you at our special Mother’s Day Mass.

As Year 12 conclude their Semester One Examinations, please continue to pray the St Dominic Savio prayer with the entire College community so that St Dominic can guide them and provide inspiration as he found inspiration in his own studies: 

 My reflections of Term 1:

It has been another extremely productive term with most students settled into the routines of an active member of our blended learning environment.  Throughout the term, I have made several visits to different classrooms and have been very pleased with the diligent application students have demonstrated towards their studies.  It is always great to be able to walk into a classroom and really see learning happening. Congratulations to all students who have applied themselves to their studies and who have embraced the College theme of “Live the Gospel”. 

Along with the great learning taking place in the classrooms, Term 1 has proven to be extremely successful for our sportsmen.  Success in the MCS Basketball (four from five), MCS Cricket (four from five making the Grand Final) and MCS Swimming has once again set the bar high for our Winter sports teams.  I am confident that these teams can rise to the challenge and achieve to the best of their ability.

The College calendar is filled with numerous activities throughout each term.  Term 1 has been exceptionally busy with excursions, incursions, assemblies, assessment tasks, sports days, social justice days and liturgical celebrations, but to name a few.  I need to thank the St Dominic’s College Staff for their continued support of these events so that our students are able to experience a holistic education.  Without your dedication and commitment to the College and its students we would not have such a great community.  Thank you.

Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine

Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal