The Kingdom of God is like … a mustard seed



Parables are very short stories with a double meaning.  They act like metaphors and can be interpreted very broadly.  To understand the parables of Jesus we must be attentive to both the literal and metaphorical language used.  Sunday’s gospel used a parable provide us with a message about the Kingdom of God.


God plants many seeds and entrusts these to our care.  As parents, teachers and adults we plant seeds continuously in our relationships with our sons.  The seeds of nourishment, hope, love, forgiveness, a liberating education, inclusivity, justice, compassion and respect for self and others are just some of the seeds we plant daily.  Like a plant or tree, we see these seeds come to fruition usually by the time they graduate in Y12.  This is not necessarily satisfying as we look for instant or constant gratification.  Patience is what is truly required as we mould young Catholic men who will become good and honourable husbands, fathers, brothers, partners, leaders and gentlemen of our future society.  The fruits of our labour will not always present itself immediately but perhaps at a time when we least expect it.


Once the seed has grown, we welcome them into the Kingdom of God and open the door for all to see who they have become.  By planting the seed in their mind, they will be rewarded, when the seed sprouts and becomes the ‘noble cedar’. What seed are you, we planting to support the sons of St Dominic’s College?  Let us be courageous and continue to add to the Kingdom of God.


The Annual EREA Principal’s Conference on wellbeing provided all Principal’s with a great insight into how best build wellbeing with our communities.  The conference provided all EREA Principals’ the opportunity to network, reflect and build community among other EREA schools who may be facing similar experiences, challenges and opportunities.  Three keynote speakers Sarah Ralston (from Rebooting Education), Donna Cross (from University of Western Australia) and Mark Bunn (author of “ancient Wisdom for Modern Health”) addressed the importance of wellbeing and how our daily habits influence our wellness.  The three speakers were engaging and informative and I hope to provide some of these learnings for our community at St Dominic’s.


The regular debating season has come to an end with two teams, Y12 and Y7, progressing to the next stage.  I would like to thank all our students, coaches and adjudicators for their commitment and support of debating at the College.

Year 7: Mrs D Kennett and Mrs B Fogliani

Year 8: Miss R Simpson

Year 9: Mr P Magee

Year 10: Mrs B Fogliani

Year 11: Miss K Smith

Senior Opens: Ms J Torpy

Adjudicators: Mr R Wakefield, Mr P Magee and Mrs B Fogliani.


I would like to wish our two teams every success on Friday evening.

Year 7: Jose Corcio, Caleb Fayers and Nicholas Papapavlou

Year 12: Jacob Cohen, Wade Bocking and Caleb Stuckey


Congratulations to all our Rugby League teams who have successfully made it to the Grand Finals this week:

U13             Coach: Mr Ahern                     Manager: Mr McGillicuddy

U14             Coach: Mr Drummond            Manager: Mrs Pritchett

U14 B          Coach: Mr Peake                    Manager: Mr Samoluk

U15             Coach: Mr Verlinden               Manager: Mr Passlow

A Grade       Coach: Mr Mackinnon           Manager: Mr Rawding


May you play to the best of your ability in the true spirit of sport.


Thanks to the U13 B and B Grade team and their coaches and managers for their commitment and support of rugby league at the College.

U13B          Coach: Mr Zammit                   Manager: Mr Chapman and

B Grade       Coach: Mr Cummins              Manager Mr Levy.




Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine



Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal