“This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to Him.”

(Mark 9:8)

At the Mount of transfiguration, Jesus reveals his oneness with God, who proclaims, “This is my Son. Listen to Him.” It takes real faith to listen to Jesus and to the invitation to join Him along the path of life.  It is during the transfiguration that we see Jesus at his most divine.  He is at prayer. A prayer that was so intense that it transformed his outward appearance.  The Gospel frequently tells us that key events in the life of Jesus take place only within the context of prayer.  It is during these moments, in prayer, that we really listen to Jesus.  It is our faith in Jesus, which leads us to the way of the cross.

“The Transfiguration” by Raphael, originally Raphael Sanzio (1483 – 1520)

The readings throughout the first week of Lent invite us on our quest to change from living inward, self-centred lives, to an out-going concern for our mission. Through prayer, we can recognise our needs, our wishes and deepest desires.  We also recognise our hurts and disappointments.  Through prayer, we can grow in self-knowledge.  True prayer is listening to Jesus and having faith in His message.

Our collection for Caritas Australia has commenced exceptionally well. This week we meet Rattanak from Cambodia.  This is an inspirational story as it celebrates the uniqueness of all God’s children.  I learnt an interesting phrase while on an immersion opportunity in India in 2016;  “Differently abled students” was the manner in which our host school would refer to those students who did have a disability.  Like Rattanak, the differently abled students, provide us with so much inspiration to achieve with the abilities that we have been provided by God. 

You can learn about Rattanak here 

HSC High Achievers Assembly

The High Achievers Assembly is a genuine celebration of the outstanding achievement of not only the students but the dedicated staff who guided and supported the students throughout their time at the College.  The perseverance and persistence of all these fine young men will, hopefully, act as an inspiration for our future high achievers.  The 2017 Dux and best performing student for 2017 with an ATAR of 97.8 provided the key note address.  Hartley Dhyon’s words of encouragement were inspirational.  He even provided ‘free’ advice for all students that included being organised and internal motivation. His words were very humbling, especially when he thanked his parents for their ongoing support.  There was great emotion and genuine appreciation in his speech as evident in the tears shed by both Mr and Mrs Dhyon.  Hartley’s words reinforced the growth mindset approach, whereby students are encouraged to say they cannot do something, yet.  It is this last part that should inspire all students to continue learning even when things appear difficult. Through hard work and a commitment to success, all students have the possibility to achieve beyond their expectations.  As Abraham Lincoln stated, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  The College will distribute a 2017 High Achievers booklet for the first time. May this publication of our high achievers be an inspiration for all our sons.

The HSC High Achievers for 2017 with Mr Ronchetti and Ms Shaw
College Open Day

A reminder to all families that the College Open Day will be held this coming Sunday 4th March.  There are two Information sessions, each followed by tours of the College.  We have over 100 student volunteers who will assist with the promoting of our great College.

The Catholic Primary School visits have commenced and will continue throughout the week.  This is a very exciting time for myself and Mr Walsh, as we get to meet prospective Year 5 and 6 students who are considering enrolment into St Dominic’s College. Though we do our best to express the traditions and the life of the College, we truly encourage the boys to attend Open Day (Sunday 4th March) to hear from our students who are true ambassadors of the College.  By attending one of the Information Sessions, the students have an opportunity to truly experience the great facilities while at the same time engaging in the activities organised by our staff promoting the learning opportunities available here at St Dominic’s. I would ask our families to encourage their friends to come and visit us on Open Day.

P&F Q and A Forum 

The coming Tuesday Mr Walsh and I will be presenting at the P & F Q and A Forum at the College.  The evening will be held in the Edmund Rice Learning Centre commencing at 7.00pm.  We will be presenting an update of the current Annual Improvement Plan, seeking some advice for our future building Master Plan, as well as discussing HSC results and the Literacy update. Following the small presentation parents/guardians will be able to ask questions about the future direction of the College.

P&F Wine and Cheese Night

P&F Wine and Cheese Gathering is on Friday 2nd March.  I would encourage you to be part of this great social evening conducted by the P & F.  There will be families from all Year groups, and it is therefore a great opportunity to share positive stories or seek some advice about how to best support your son as he either is commencing or finishing his journey at the College.  I look forward to sharing some of our experience with you during the evening, as do many of the staff that will attend.  A reminder that the evening is only for parents/guardians. If you are attending, please RSVP to Mrs Fiona Campbell by Thursday 1st March.

As we finish the regular MCS Summer season, it is most rewarding to know that all our five cricket and five basketball teams will compete in the semi-finals this coming Thursday.  This is once again an outstanding achievement. 

The College Swimming Carnival will be held this Tuesday 27th February at Ripples, St Mary’s.  This is a nomination only carnival, which will see our dedicated swimmers seek selection for the St Dominic’s College Swimming Squad who will represent us at the upcoming MCS Annual Swimming Carnival.  I wish all competitors every success on Tuesday, and hope that you all swim your personal best times throughout the Carnival.





Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine


Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal