Years 7 to 9 Trials 2025

Years 7 and 9 2025 Trials

Students in Years 7 and 9 will be able to apply to undertake the Manchester City Football School.

Students in Year 7 will participate in the Manchester City Football School program instead of studying the optional STEM course. Year 9 students will choose Manchester City as an elective course.

Learning experiences will be based on both the Australian Curriculum and the Manchester City Football School Curriculum. Students will still complete the health components of the Australian Curriculum.

Students are required to undertake trials and upon selection MUST be an enrolled student at St Dominic’s College to be a part of the Manchester City Football School Years 7 and 9 Program.

The Manchester City Football School Subject will consist of regular timetabled lessons, as well as provide the opportunity to be involved in any future Manchester City experiences – tournaments, trips, curriculum beyond Years 7 and 9.

Registration to trial for 2025 will be made available soon!