A big congratulations to all involved in two very successful Movember events last week!

Tuesday: teachers and students competed to complete the most push-ups in 2 minutes. Ms Pritchett won the teachers competition with 30 push ups and Trent Whitbread from Surawski Year 10 with 74.

Thursday: participants competed to hold a “plank” for the longest time. With a record 27 participants, the student winner was Soobaan Sharif from Year 9 Dharuk, who held on for an outstanding 9:44 mins, closely followed by two year 11 students Seth Cluster with 9:32 and Zeeshan Ajmar with 9:30. The teachers’ field was won by Mrs Bright who planked for 8:12.

A special thanks to Mrs Samoluk, Ms Shankar, Ms Knowles, Mr Zammit, Mr Cummins and the Prefects for their help in facilitating such a fun event!

 Our Movember campaign has reached $2,832 so far.

With more events to come next week and online sponsorship available, we hope to beat the almost $4k raised last year!

Please take the opportunity to show your support for Men’s health and donate here.

Mrs Birkett