Key Learning Area Coordinator: Chris Hicks

Religious Education at St Dominic’s College is part of a lifelong process by which each individual is lead to discover our Lord Jesus Christ as friend & saviour. Parents are the first and foremost faith educators of their children and the family & Parish is the first place where children come to Christianity. Religious Education at St Dominic’s College is therefore a partnership of the home, parish and school.

The Religious Education curriculum of St Dominic’s College participates in the Church’s mission to the world and the vision of Edmund Rice Education Australia. The mission of formation & evangelisation belongs to the whole Church and by word and witness our College introduces our students the saving power of Jesus’ call to conversion and relationship with God.

Evangelisation belongs to the whole Church & Religious Education at St Dominic’s College introduces our students to the teachings of the Gospel, the nature of Christianity and various perspectives upon ways moral Christians enact the message of Christ in everyday life. The classroom Religious Education curriculum works in cooperation with the College Retreat & Reflection opportunities, and College Liturgy & Prayer Programs to present in a holistic, systematic and convincing way the teachings of the Gospel.

Religion Courses offered include:
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
  • Religious Education
  • Religious Education
  • Studies of Religion 1
  • Studies of Religion 2