Key Learning Area Coordinator: Tim Easterbrook
Assistant Coordinator: Anthony Hrvatin 


Technological Applied Studies is not just another subject area at St Dominic’s College, it’s an experience of Creative Problem Solving teamed with the development of Innovative Ideas and the adventure of developing new and exciting practical skills in the use of a wide range of materials and gaining confidence in using Traditional and Emerging Technologies.
St Dominic’s College provides 12 Technology based environments that allow the students to explore the possibilities. These rooms include; 4 Timber based workshops, 2 Engineering and Metals workshops, 3 Design and Make-it spaces, 2 Food Hospitality rooms and a Specialised ICT environment.

Stage 4

Technology – Years 7 & 8. This is a mandatory course consisting of areas of study in: • Built Environments • Products • Information & Communication Students are encouraged to Design, Produce and Evaluate, supported by a Design Folio. A range of Design-related content to support the above is presented through exposure to Computer Coding, Food, Graphics Textiles, Timber, Metal, Modelling and Electronics environments.

Stage 5

Years 9 & 10 are elective years, with students electing to study subjects for 100 hours, 200 hours or in some cases, studying one semester courses.
Subjects offered for study include: • Design & Technology • Food Technology • Industrial technology o Engineering o Metals o Timber • Information Processes Technology • iStem

Stage 6

Years 11 and 12 are elective years with students electing to study subjects in the Preliminary and HSC courses. Subjects offered at St Dominic’s include: • Design & Technology • Food Technology • Industrial technology o Metals and Engineering o Timber Products & Furniture Technologies • Information Processes Technology • Computer Applications • VET Hospitality • VET Construction