Key Learning Area Coordinator: Mr Chris Meek
Assistant Coordinator: Mr Brad Ahern


Mathematics at St Dominic’s College is designed to engage students in activities which encourage students to explore Mathematical concepts, refine their understanding and strengthen their ability to communicate their ideas. Students are encouraged to be independent learners that can use multiple strategies to solve complex problems, build fluency in basic Mathematical skill, and be able to use mathematical reasoning to justify their solutions.

A diverse range of strategies is used to support our learners. The Enhancing Mathematical Understanding (EMU) strategies are used to build their numeracy skills in the junior years. As students progress through the stages, problem solving is then used to deepen their understanding and strengthen their ability to communicate this understanding. A diverse range of classes are utilised to best support our students’ learning needs.

Our aim is to produce graduates that have an appreciation of the usefulness of Mathematics in their life, combined with the necessary skills to assist them in their future career or further education.


Year 7 Mathematics

Year 9 5.2 Mathematics

Mathematics Standard 1

Year 8 Mathematics

Year 9 5.3 Mathematics

Mathematics Standard 2


Year 10 5.2 Mathematics

Mathematics Advanced


Year 10 5.3 Mathematics

Mathematics Extension 1



Mathematics Extension 2