‘No child who meets the enrolment criteria will be refused enrolment or disadvantaged because of a family’s financial circumstance.’ 

St Dominic’s College is financed by grants received from both the Commonwealth and State Governments, in addition to the fees paid by parents.

Funding Principles for Catholic Schools

The Funding Principles for Catholic Schools is prepared by the National Catholic Education Commission and contain information relating to the funding for education.  To view this document please click on the link below:

Annual Fee Schedules

To view the College Annual Fee Schedule click on the following links:

Sibling Discount

This scheme is aimed at assisting families who have two or more children simultaneously attending St Dominic’s College.  This discount will be applied automatically to the tuition fee of the second and subsequent children attending the College.  Please refer to the Fee Office if you require further information.

Fee and Billing Information

Fees are due and payable on a term basis.  The following options are available to parents who would prefer to set up a payment plan to ensure on time payments throughout the year.

        Details:   Payment Due:
Option 1               Annual payment   Must be paid in full. (5% discount applies to Tuition Fee only)   31st March 2020
Option 2   Quarterly Payment   Must be paid in full by the due date   Term date due as per College Fee Statement
The following Payment Options must be finalised by 27th November 2020
Option 3   Monthly payment   10 monthly payments   First payment must be made by 25th February 2020
Option 4   Fortnightly payment   22 fortnightly payments   First payment must be made by 7th February 2020
Option 5   Weekly payment   44 weekly payments   First payment must be made by 31st January 2020
Year 12: Fees are charged over 3 terms


Full payment discount

A discount of 5% will be applied to the annual Tuition Fee for the whole year account if paid in full by 31st March, 2020.

Concession and Assistance

Available by application only.  Fee concessions will be determined on the basis of a just and equitable formula in consultation with the College Fee Committee. 

Applications for reduction in fees are considered in terms of the financial needs of the family and will be subject to set criteria. Proof of income is required.  All information in relation to concession applications are treated confidentially and are assessed for the current year only.

Students Leaving

Notification of a student leaving the College must be forwarded in writing to the Principal.  10 weeks’ notice or payment in lieu is required in accordance with the conditions of the Student Enrolment.

2020 Payment Facilities

The following facilities are available to pay your account:


BPAY – Our preferred payment method – Details to pay via BPAY will be included on your College Fee Statement


BPointPayments can be made through the website via BPoint.

Direct Debit payments are also available. Please click the following link to access the Direct Debit Authority Forms:

    In Person – You can pay in person at the College Fees office between the hours of 8:00am to 3:30pm


Please contact the Fee Office if you require further information about setting up your payment.

For further information or enquiries about fees, please email Mrs Jennifer Horne or telephone (02) 84159 137.