Timetable: 2022 Bus Timetable

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2022 School Travel Applications are now Open

Students who need a School Opal card or travel pass for 2022 can apply now. A new application will need to be submitted if they are applying for a school travel pass for the first time, or if they are requesting an additional travel entitlement.

Please click here to read more information on how to apply for a School Opal Card or Travel Pass.





Correct and Safe Use of Road Crossings

Please remind your child that when catching buses to and from school, students are to have safety at the forefront of their judgement when crossing the road.

Students are to use designated pedestrian crossing areas rather than running across busy roads. These rules are in place to protect the safety of students and drivers. STUDENTS ARE TO CROSS AT THE LIGHTS.


Drop Offs and Pick Ups at School
  • Please be aware that entry into the College via Copeland Street (opposite Hungry Jacks) is a no entry zone. This is reserved for staff only. Please do not enter this car park to drop your son off in the mornings or to collect in the afternoons.
  • Look out for buses pulling out – watch for the buses flashing lights.
  • Always park and turn legally around schools and avoid dangerous manoeuvres like U-turns and three-point turns.
  • Always give way to pedestrians, especially when entering and leaving driveways.


School Zones – 40km/h
  • 40km/h school zones are in force on all days which are not a weekend or a public holiday.
  • School zone days include school development days, also known as student-free days, as some students may attend school on these days.
  • Please be reminded that between the hours of 8.00am to 9.30am and 2.30pm – 4.00pm, 40km/h applies.