The month of June

Lady of Perpetual Help, Pray for Us Feast Day 27th June

June enlightens not only our fireplace or central heating but it also signifies the conclusion of our semester one assessments and therefore our reports.  With CANVAS providing parents with ongoing feedback about their son’s assessment continuum, now more than ever, each family can have continual dialogue, where to next for their son’s learning.  From the feedback provided by staff, students and parents are encouraged to discuss what needs to be enacted to ensure that each student is learning from their previous experiences.  The Semester Report is a reflection of this ongoing review and learning from each student.  Though these reports will have a different appearance, we are providing a more detailed overview so that parents are able to view a holistic impression of their son’s development, so far.  Please view this information as a means of seeking ways in which to continually improve no matter what level our sons are currently performing at.  Continual improvement is what we are seeking.

As mentioned in my Week 7 weekly address, I recently attended the National EREA Principal’s Conference.  The conference theme was “Principal Wellbeing”.  Though coincidental, the College also acknowledged “Surawski Blue Day” promoting mateship and wellbeing.  There has been significant promotion and research on this topic especially through the media.  This conference allowed me not only to reflect upon my own wellbeing but how, as a College, best addressing the topic in support of staff, students and the wider community.

Our pastoral care of students’ wellbeing, in particular, is paramount as we educate our students to be well-rounded young gentlemen.  The College aims to ensure that boys feel happy, safe and healthy.  To be able to do this, the College seeks to educate the boys about positive relationships, self-belief, respect for self and resilience.  Through the development of positive relationship, in particular, are we able to truly provide them with a sense of connectedness, as these relationships allow us to share our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Over the next few Weekly Addresses, I will continue with Wellbeing theme and hopefully provide some thoughts that may support you and your sons.


There have been numerous reasons to be buoyant of late especially with:

·         99% of our Y10 students have met the minimum standard in Reading;

·         Significant improvement in Writing and Numeracy with only a small percentage still to meet the minimum standard;

·         The development of our differentiation assessment tasks as experienced by some of our Y7 students;

·         The Y8 photography exhibition;

·         The conclusion of our 2018 MCS Winter season and the victorious Rugby League  U13, U14, U15 and Y7B, Y8B and Y9 Football premiership winning teams;

·         The success of our teams, especially Y7 & Y12 in the Catholic Schools Debating Association competition;

·         The second round victory by our First XIII Rugby League team in the School Cup;

·         Our victorious First V Basketball team who have won the last four NSWCCC Tournaments;


Our HSC intervention program continues with the Y12 Seminar and Support Mentoring Program commencing from today and continuing every Thursday afternoon during sport.  These seminars and mentoring sessions will focus on developing our students writing so that they are better prepared for, not only the upcoming trials, but also for the HSC proper commencing in October.  This Thursday afternoon program is compulsory for all students. A letter was sent home outlining the details and the expectations for students.

Though we are coming to the end of the term and many assessments have been completed, families are reminded that attendance is compulsory to the end of term especially as many classes have continued with their scope and sequence and have commenced work that will be examined next term.

Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine



Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal