HSC 2018

The HSC begins on Thursday 18th October (earlier than previous years).  With less time to study it is imperative your son continues to study and prepare for the HSC over this period of time when he is not at school.

Please ensure you have a copy of his examination schedule and are familiar with misadventure procedures, you can find it here.


Progressive Assessment Testing (Reading and Comprehension – PATR)

Year 7-10 students completed the PAT-R reading and comprehension assessment between the 17th and 21st September. A copy of their PAT-R report will be supplied within the Term 3 Interim Reports.

To know more about the PAT-R test and the information it provides please see our News Post. 


Year 11 Assessment and Reporting

Year 11 complete their final examinations in Weeks 9 and 10 of Term 3. Upon their return in Term 4, Yr 11 students and their teachers will revise results in order to help the students prepare for the HSC which begins in Week 2 of Term 4.

Y11 reports will be mailed out during Week 2 of Term 4.  Y11 Parent Teacher evening will be held on Wednesday 7th November, 2018.


Assessment at St Dominic’s College

Just a brief reminder that everything a student displays and exhibits across his learning contributes to his overall course grade. Common Tasks scheduled (see College calendar) in Years 7-9 to provide classes with an indication of performance levels in reference to the course performance descriptors.

Formal tasks in Years 10-12 are also scheduled (see College Calendar) and weighted in the development of the students’ grades. The grade your son achieves in his end of course report is his grade for the Year.


Year 9 Laptop Upgrades – now due

Upon enrolment the Year 9 cohort of students agreed to engage in our BYOD environment. The students’ computers are now at end of their life and are required to be replaced. St Dominic’s College has improved its package with HP whereby Virus Protection, Warranty and Accidental Breakage insurance (ADP – with no excess*) is now supplied by default and within the purchase price. Further details on this College requirement is available here .


Monica Day

Director of Diverse Learning