2018 HSC High Achievers Assembly

Friday 22nd February saw our class of 2018 honoured in our annual celebration. It was fantastic to see our young men back at the College and so giving of their time as they begin the University journey. Read more…(link to new item)


Assessment and Reporting – Reminders

As detailed in previous news posts, all assessment advice and schedules are available via your son’s Canvas Courses. We also publish key common and formal tasks on our College Calendar to assist you in supporting your family. Having Canvas supplying you with 24/7 results and progress is a wonderful tool to assist you in supporting your son, in addition we provide semesterised reports which provide a snapshot summary of his achievements through the course. Your reports will be accessed electronically in 2019 (via the email address supplied during this year’s Census), please remember that each parent requires an individual address to access both Canvas and these reports – any detail changes can be made via our College website.


Canvas Workshops – February 13

Thank you so much to all families that attended our support workshops (over 160 families attended over the 3 hours). Canvas provides you and your son/s with a transparent learning environment that supplies all advice/resources required to succeed but the communication means to seek support and be knowledgeable of all results and progress at all times. We provide further advanced and beginners workshops through the year, we will announce these via the College APP.


Literacy at St Dominic’s College

The College continues to focus on Literacy strategies in improving our student outcomes. Key strategies which you can engage with your son include:

TEEEC Paragraph Writing: This mandatory framework is implemented from Years 7-9 across all courses – see College Diary for further details. This strategy is used in providing your son with a clear and consistent method in which to write extended responses across all areas of learning.

Vocabulary Lists: Each and every topic of every course begins with the Vocabulary List associated to the course at that time. This develops a deeper understanding of key terminology and improves how this knowledge can be applied throughout the topic. These lists can be found on your son’s Syllabus page of each Canvas Course. The boys are asked to engage in developing a deeper understanding of these lists in a manner which is appropriate for the course (much more complex than simple spelling lists).

Reading Remediation: Students with identified difficulties in reading are supported through the Maqlit Reading program. If you would like to know more please contact Ms M Day.

Elevate – Study Skills Program

All students have now been part of the Elevate Program which develops key study skills in our boys. The first introductory session was with Elevate presenters (successful HSC students who have recently graduated) and the follow up sessions will be conducted by your son’s teachers in class. Read more…http://www.stdominics.nsw.edu.au/2018/08/elevate-student-study-workshops/


Mr D Sheil

Director of Teaching and Learning