Pastoral Reminders

Wishing all parents and families of the St Dominic’s College community a sincere welcome to the 2021 academic school year. The students had a great start to the year last Thursday and Friday and seemed keen to catch up with friends and get started on their learning for the year.

Last week all students were reminded of the College’s behavioural and procedural expectations which are outlined below. It is imperative that all students meet these expectations in order for the continual development of a positive College community for all.


School start time:

Homeroom begins at 8:35am and all students are expected to be at their designated homeroom class by this time. Homeroom forms part of the College curriculum and all students are expected to attend for its duration.

College uniform:

College uniform guidelines are outlined on the College website and in the student diary.

The College summer uniform is to be worn for Term 1. Sports uniforms are to be worn on Thursday’s only or for special designated events. Any student in the College sports uniform on a day other than Thursday will face consequences for wearing the incorrect uniform. Hot days are not considered to be a legitimate reason for wearing the sports uniform. 


Expectations regarding grooming and haircuts are outlined on the College website and in the student diary.  

Any student with a haircut that does not meet the College expectations, will be sent home with the expectation that the haircut be rectified. If the haircut cannot be rectified within a day or two, then the student will remain on detention until the haircut is deemed appropriate. 

Bus lines and bus travel:

Covid-19 – It is a current government regulation that all people over the age of 12 must wear a mask whilst travelling on public transport. If students require a mask, please see the front office or your Pastoral Coordinator.

Students are to remain seated in the designated bus areas whilst waiting for their buses to be called of an afternoon. Students are not to be playing handball whilst waiting for a bus.

For those students who catch buses on Copeland St, you must gather outside the College canteen and wait until a staff member walks you to the bus. Students are not to leave the Copeland Street gates until advised.

Thursday afternoon dismissal:

A reminder that once a student leaves the school premises following the conclusion of sport at 2:30pm, they are not to return to school grounds to catch their required bus or be picked up by a guardian.  As part of this school expectation, students are not to leave school to go to Hungry Jacks or the service station and then return.

Student diary sections to be completed:

The following sections of the College diary need to be read and signed by students and parents where required.

  • Personal Information, Diary Guidelines, ICT Acceptable Use – Pages 1, 3 and 4​

  • Uniform and Grooming Page 23​
  • Complete Goal Setting Page 30​
  • Emergency Evacuation and Lockdown Procedures – page 154/15


I wish all of the St Dominic’s College community a successful, positive and peaceful 2021.


Ms M Day

Acting Director of Pastoral Care and Director of Diverse Learning.