Year 7 Welcome and Peer Support

Year 7 can be a huge transition for some of our gentlemen, but their first day was helped with a welcome from their Year 11 Peer Support mentors. Over the past four weeks, Year 7 and Year 11 have met once a week for their Peer Support workshops. During this time, students talk with each other about:

  • Aspects of High School
  • Preparation for camp as well as stories from camp
  • Building strong connections within the College community and
  • The values of St Dominic’s.

Many of the younger students gain insight from the older students on how to manage High School effectively.  Peer Support continues throughout the term and it is intended that the boys build lasting friendships within these groups.  


Year 12 HSC Survival Evening

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a limited number of parents of the Class of 2021 attended an Information Evening in Week 2 to discuss positive strategies to help their son’s excel in the HSC. A number of staff members presented information around study tips, maintaining good health practices, effective study spaces, student wellbeing and accessing support services. Parents also heard advice from the Dux of the College 2020, Matthew Farrell, and how he managed to stay focused and achieve great results.

Year 7 Parents and Students Welcome evening

The Year 7 Parent Welcome evening had to be changed in format this year due to Covid restrictions, but the College was still able to provide an opportunity for parents to meet and greet some of the Year 7 staff for 2021 including Homeroom teachers and Embark staff. The evening began with presentations from Mr Ronchetti (College Principal), Mr Jansz (Acting Deputy Principal) and Mr Peake (Yr 7 Pastoral Coordinator).  Parents were then able to move with their sons to their Embark ‘meet and greet’ sessions. This is where parents got to learn more about the Embark program, the expectations of the students in Year 7 and what strategies can assist in their transition to High School.

 Big Fish Little Fish

On Friday 29th January, Year 7 partook in the ‘Big Fish Little Fish’ incursion.  This program has been designed to help students with their transition from primary school to high school. It was a rewarding experience where students learnt about the different strategies for managing the obstacles of High School and how to seek support when needed. The students were able to engage in discussions, do some personal reflection and listen to the ideas and thoughts of others.


Safer Internet Day

Safe Internet Day on Tuesday 9th of February gave students a chance to reflect on digital safety. Our online world is as much a part of our lives as our offline experiences, so it’s crucial we are all involved in supporting online wellbeing as much as physical health. For more information visit #eSafetySID”


Our Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2021 have been selected and commenced their formal meetings. Our SRC give students a voice in both Pastoral and House domains, meeting regularly with each other and reporting key events and information back to homerooms. This year the SRC will play a key role in developing and implementing initiatives around our College theme for 2021 “Renew the earth”. Congratulations to our elected members!

Heart Health Day

Dharuk Day celebrations were held on Friday, 19th February, with many staff and students getting involved.

The theme was ‘Healthy Heart, Healthy Life’. It is always important, especially through recent times, to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. Dharuk Day 2021 was in celebration of the charitable works of the St. Dominic’s College community.

The day included a Heart Starter Challenge where students were invited to take part in a timed circuit, and a Healthy Life Quiz during homeroom to raising awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Jacob Zordoumis

Dharuk House Prefect



Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. We thank our Prefects and volunteer staff members for cooking a selection of delicious pancakes at the College to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.


Pastoral Care Program

2021 has begun with a strong focus on Student wellbeing. Students participate in regular Pastoral Care Program lessons with their Pastoral teacher. Lessons are engaging and aim to build meaningful conversations and individual action in the following focus areas:

Year 08 – Resilience
Year 09 – Social Media
Year 10 – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
Year 11 – Mindset
Year 12 – Success in the HSC


Year 7 Camp


On Monday 15th February, our Year 7 students departed for The Great Aussie Bush Camp, Kincumber. The camp is placed early in the calendar, purposefully providing our students with an opportunity to meet and interact with the entire year group and establish new friendship groups. Throughout the program, students were grouped in their Houses and taken through a variety of fun and, at times, challenging activities. Our students had the opportunity to participate in Abseiling, Archery, Rock Climbing, Leap of Faith, Giant Swing, Lost Island (mud run) and High Ropes. It was fantastic to witness the interaction between the students and watching many of them overcome their fear of heights on the activities. During the evenings, students were provided with the opportunity to attend movie night or take part in trivia. It was also a great opportunity for our pastoral team to get to know our students more personally and establish connections with their respective House groups. I would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank the staff who attended the camp for giving up their time with loved ones. I would also like to extend my thanks to our Year 7 students for really engaging in the activities and displaying great respect for the facilities and staff at the camp.  


Monica Day

Acting Director of Pastoral Care