As the HSC has now drawn to a close,  I would like to formally congratulate our 2022 Graduating Class on behalf of the College community and thank them for being such wonderful young men who have made a great contribution to the College over these past six years.  We trust that as they leave our College, they do so with pride and as people of hope and integrity, with a real sense of self-worth and purpose. I also congratulate the parents/carers and extended family who have ridden the rollercoaster of emotion, stress and hopefully success with these boys through their schooling, well done, you made it through! 


I also thank the staff for their part in guiding and encouraging you in your learning.  The staff have imparted knowledge and skills that will continue to develop in you on life’s journey.  As a college, we are every bit invested in your success as you are.  You started the year as their students. You now leave as much more than this.  These teachers have changed the lives of many who have passed through the College before you, and they have helped you along the way.  One of the real joys of teaching is that you help shape the futures of many who will go on to achieve much, and who, in turn, will positively impact the lives of many in the future. We wish you every success Year 12. 



As when group leaves, another enters. This week we welcomed the latest members into the St Dominic’s community, Year 7 2023. The Orientation Day started with a welcome, greetings from the House Coordinators and movement into their House groups. House groups play an integral component of belonging here at Dom’s. It is here the boys develop the connectedness that builds throughout their time at the College. Year after year the bond gets stronger, and as experienced recently by those fortunate enough to be at our graduating ceremony, the passionate chant of “Dommies” echoing across the college ovals as the boys embrace and chant as they leave the College for the last time, it sends a proud chill down your spine.   



Year 7 2023 have already completed some preliminary testing that will be used to construct classes and identify supports that will assist the boys to achieve their personal best. The college hosted Parents/Carers of these young men at an information evening where new parents/carers were given an overview of what the College offers. One message that was emphasised on the evening and is pertinent to all year groups, is that we are all in this together. The college working closely with families to help their son strive to reach their potential, their personal best, whatever that may be.  


As we draw closer to the end of the year, I urge every student to continue to work diligently until the end.  It is a busy time of year, so it is important that students stay on task and commit to giving their best to all that they do.