Dommies Day 

As a new member of the St Dominic’s College Community, it became apparent to me very early on, just how big of a deal Dommies Day is. Described by many staff and students as the “Greatest Day of the school year”, Dommies Day is a day where the college celebrates College spirit and our inclusive college community. 


Dommies Day, and the presentation of The Brother Jeff Regan House Cup marked the conclusion of a year’s worth of hard work both within and beyond the classroom. The provided an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate all aspects of the College; from academia and sporting pursuits, to social justice activities and house spirit.  


A spirited whole school assembly saw the crowning of champions in a range of areas. Boys from each house were randomly selected to participate in a “Paper toss” and “scissors, paper, rock” tournament in front of the entire college. The assembly also hosted the inaugural College Mario Kart Tournament final, which saw the Surawski champion, Connor smith, take out the win for his house.  I would remiss in not mentioning the expert commentary of Thomas Neil of year 9, whose insight and passion brought the race to another level. 


Congratulations to the Rice House, as they were awarded the Br Jeff Regan House Cup. 


The remainder of the day saw students participate in a range of activities, from Inflatable Hungry Hungry hippos, to dodgeball, tug-o-war, as well as running the dreaded “gauntlet”. 


A great day was had by all members of the St Dominic’s Community. A day that definitely lived up to the hype. Thank you to all staff who made the day such a success, especially our house coordinators, Mr Hall, Mr Ross, Ms Tangata-Toa and Mr Cummins. 



R U OK? Day 

Students were reminded that they don’t need to be an expert to reach out – just a good friend and a great listener. During Waterford, students were given an opportunity to learn more about the R U OK? organisation and the steps to having an R U OK? conversation. 



The day included a Wellness Walk, R U OK? Conversation starters, Resilience talks, as well as a staff v student dodgeball extravaganza. 


The event organiser Mr Hall writes “I love days like this, and I have always felt like the community we have embraces these initiatives well. It’s what makes this place special. I appreciate everyone who has checked in, and I encourage you all to continue having the conversation. It doesn’t have to be the day to say R U OK?” 


Special thanks to Mr Hall and the entire Tench House for helping to facilitate the day. 


College Grooming Policy 

As the holidays are about to begin, it is often a time for students to have their hair cut. A common issue that arises at the beginning of school term is students returning to the college with a haircut that is not in line with the College Grooming Policy. Students will be reminded that if they are getting their hair cut short, they need to be sure that it will grow back in time for day 1 of Term 4.  


Students deemed to be in breach of the policy will be automatically issued a College detention, asked to rectify their haircut and will not be eligible to represent the college until their hair is in line with the College Grooming Policy on page 23 of the diary.