Changes to the Social Justice Outreach Program

Many of you would be aware of our Social Justice Outreach Program and the requirement that each student completes a certain amount of hours each year. In fact, some of you have mentioned that this is one of the reasons that you chose to send your son to St Dominic’s College.

Students have previously received a Social Justice Booklet where they have recorded their hours of service and reflected upon this service. After a review of our booklets we decided to integrate these into our Student Diary 2018. This will allow parents, guardians and homeroom teachers the opportunity to keep track of their activities and hours.

I would ask you to take the time to familiarise yourselves with the Social Justice Outreach Program on pages 6, 7, 153 and 154 of the Student Diary 2018.

Once students have completed their mandatory hours there is an Advanced Social Justice Program for their consideration.

We already have students who have completed their hours, submitted their Social Justice Records and received a St Dominic’s Award for Social Justice.

We will provide more resources for you next term so that you can support your son to become a compassionate young member of our community.

Mr Zac Culican

Director of Identity