Prefect Portfolios 



College Captain  

  Trent Weir 

 College Vice-Captain  

  Jonathan Mason 



Dharuk House Prefect
Rice House Prefect
Surawski House Prefect
Tench House Prefect
Daniel Colgate   Sam Pares   Jacob Zalac   John Pangan  
Academic Prefect
Religious Prefect
Social Justice Prefect
Pastoral Care Prefect
Ahmed Khan   Quincy Hayward   Caleb Stuckey   Ravi Liyanaarachchi  
Cultural and Sport Prefect
Cultural and Sport Prefect
Communication Prefect
Communication Prefect
Jacob Cohen   Nicholas Thornton   Benjamin Blackhurst   Wade Bocking  


Each Prefect also holds the responsibility for the pastoral care and support of a particular Year group. The allocations are below:

Year 7:        Jacob Cohen       Benjamin Blackhurst       Caleb Stuckey
Year 8:   Sam Pares   Daniel Colgate   John Pangan
Year 9:   Wade Bocking   Quincy Hayward    
Year 10:    Ahmed Khan   Jacob Zalac    
Year 11:   Nicholas Thornton   Ravi Liyanaarachchi    
Year 12:   Trent Weir   Jonathan Mason    


Student Representative Council

The SRC is an opportunity for students in Years 8-10 to demonstrate and develop leadership in the College. It provides the student body with a voice, and develops students into active College citizens. In order to get involved, Year 8-10 will elect 2 representatives from each House (1 per Homeroom).  

2018 Representatives

Dharuk 8A
Dharuk 8B
Rice 8A
Rice 8B
Xavier Degei Joshua Ongley   Harry Hicks Jesse Favotto
Dharuk 9A
Dharuk 9B
Rice 9A
Rice 9B
Flynn Cole Patrick Rowan   Jonah Pares Ryan Attard
Dharuk 10A
Dharuk 10B
Rice 10A
Rice 10B
Bhawanjot Singh Kaleb Errazo   Callagan Wilson Alexi Pepper


Surawski 8A
Surawski 8B
Tench 8A
Tench 8B
Jacob Hanna Jamie Byrnes   Lachlan Denic Lachlan Harris
Surawski 9A
Surawski 9B
Tench 9A
Tench 9B
Joshua Hooper Dylan Wilson   Kunwapreet Dua Tyson Goodwin
Surawski 10A
Surawski 10B
Tench 10A
Tench 10B
Oskar Staniucha Cooper Hill   Campbell Fisher Finnian Kennedy