Project Compassion

This Lent our staff and students dedicated their appeal to change the lives of some of the poorest young people in the Philippines and prepare them for High School. The High School readiness packs only cost $15, which may not be a lot of money for us but is so much for a family living near the rubbish tips outside Manilla. We are proud of the generosity and compassion of our students who raised $5, 550.55.  Overall we have sent 370 young people to High school with Rice House sending 57 students, Surawski House sending 76 students, Tench House sending 88 students and Dharuk House sending 134 students.


We appreciate the efforts of Homeroom teachers and coordinators in motivating our students and continually reminding them of how little money it takes to change the lives of people elsewhere in the world. One of the girls that was helped by such a project had been collecting plastic bags from the rubbish dump, washing them and selling them to a recycling plant. She was assisted to go to High School in 2008, through Project Compassion and has now graduated as a Social Worker, employed in her local community.


Thank you to all the families who continually reinforce the messages of compassion and generosity to our young gentlemen.




Mr Z Culican