Pastoral Care News


April provided a productive end to the Term, with many significant events leading into the school holidays. Thank you to all staff and students who contributed to these events which included our house activities, peer support program, Easter liturgy and concluding assembly to end the term. Students should reflect on their new ‘DSE’ report which they should have received over the school holidays. Congratulations to the many who will receive commendation for their hard work throughout Term 1, achieving over 85% in their DSE. I encourage all to read the revised criteria carefully and look to improve throughout the upcoming months.     


College Uniform and Grooming

Below is a reminder of the College expectations for Winter Uniform and Grooming moving into the Terms 2 and 3:



House Update

The Br Jeff Regan House Cup had a few initiatives over April including the conclusion of the Lenten Appeal. Thank you all for the contributions to the generous total. The ‘Change for Change’ House Coin Trails added an exciting ending to the Lenten Appeal. Congratulations to Rice for winning the Change for Change Challenge! Surawski followed closely, with Dharuk and Tench not far behind. A big thank you to all the students and teachers who gave generously to help boost our final week of collecting for Caritas.

Br Jeff Regan House Cup – Points Update (April 2018)

Surawski              5965

Rice                        5276

Tench                    4795

Dharuk                 3977


Upcoming Pastoral Events Term 2:

  • 7th May – 11th May: Founders Week
  • 23rd May: Year 12 Social Day with Caroline Chisholm College
  • 28th May – 30th May: Year 9 Camp at Somerset
  • 29th May: Year 11 RYDA Driver Safety Day at Penrith Regatta Centre


Mr Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care