Social Justice Hours are due for Year 12

Social Justice Hours are now due for Year 12. This is one of the requirements  in order to gain a College Reference. It is a way of showing the compassion that has developed throughout their schooling.


Mass of the Assumption

The College gathered respectively at  mass and honoured the place that Mary has in our Church, celebrated by Fr Mathew. Our thanks to Maintenance staff, Sound Crew, the Entrance Procession, the Gospel Processor, the Offertory, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, House Coordinators, Pastoral Coordinators and all the staff who shared their faith with the students. Our special thanks to  the band and choir which lifted our whole celebration.


Winter Sleep Out!

We have over 50 students who are preparing for a cold night sleeping around the College on Friday 24 August. They will be trying to appreciate the impact upon the many people who live ‘rough’ or on the streets each night.  We really appreciate the support of staff who have also volunteered their time to ensure this experience happens.


Mr Z Culican

Director of Identity