The College Farewell Assembly was once again a truly moving and emotional experience for all the graduating students and their families. The speeches by our Year 10 representative Cooper Hill expressed his reflection of Year 12.  Cooper clearly articulated the sediments of the entire College community.  It was obvious that Mr Turner has had a significant impact on the development of these young men.  His heart felt speech and the way the students responded clearly articulated the respect they have for each other.  Thank you Mr Turner for your compassion, enthusiasm and high expectations as this has helped mould these young men into becoming more than just the ordinary. 

Our College Captain, Trent Weir was reflective, passionate and sincere in his acknowledgement of the teachers, parents and the Year 12 students. His genuine love of the College, his peers and his family was eloquently expressed and obvious to all whom were present.  Trent has continued in maintaining the integrity of the position and has been a most honourable and committed leader.  A true ‘Dommies’ boy. 

The College Community was blessed with a PowerPoint presentation remembering the Class of 2018 and a musical performance from Mr Turner, Wade Bocking, Jacob John, Jacob Cohen and Dale Ferreira.  Their rendition of Chilli Peppers – “Time of your life” was remarkable and added to an already joyful occasion. 

The recession of the students for the last time from a College assembly has become a highlight and a most memorable occasion with many tears of happiness being shared by not only the parents and family members but by the students themselves.  This shows all the community how we touch the hearts of so many in the development of “our sons”.  

The Mass and Presentation of Awards evening was a beautiful occasion that was prayerful, liturgically excellent and a great celebration of all that is good at St Dominic’s. I would like to thank Father Gregory Jacobs SJ who celebrated the Eucharist for us. His words during his homily were encouraging especially as he reminded the students of their role, as gentlemen, within the Church, as they move to the next stage of their journey.   

The day was highly emotional for the students, parents and families and of course our dedicated staff. A special thank you to all the parents for always being there for their son’s and for the constant support and loyalty you have provided the College. For many of the families your association with the College ends today. To you I say, thank you. Thank you for allowing us to help educate your son in the true St Dominic spirit. Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for our graduating class and for their families.  

A Special thanks to the following staff members for their contribution to our Graduation Day. To Mr Jansz, Ms Shankar and the 2019 Student Leaders for their expertly prepared Graduation breakfast and for the support of the Graduation Mass; To Mr Wilson and Miss Ede for their contribution to the music and the great feel of the day.  Your duet during the Ceremony of Light was amazing; Miss Camenzuli for her creativity with our invitations; To Mrs Kennett for taking photos for the College to remember the occasion; To Miss Horne and Mrs Wells for their printing of our beautiful booklets; To Mr Keightley, Mr Henderson and Mr Browne for arranging, then re-arranging the Br Warner; To Mrs Birkett, Mrs Monteleone and Mrs Baluch  for their attention to detail with the presentation of awards; To Mr Hine and the sound crew for an expertly conducted production. 


The celebration throughout the day was truly memorable. Special thanks to two significant staff members.  Thank you to Mr Culican for his organisation and providing a sense of occasion for both the College Assembly and the College Mass.  Your attention to detail is much appreciated.  To Mrs Tyrrell who organised all the invitations, certificates, trophies, awards, roses and graduation booklet.  Your ability to keep all involved on task was appreciated.  From the bottom of my heart. I thank you. 

 A day such as this needs a great master of ceremony.  I would like to thank Mr Walsh (for the Graduation Assembly and the Presentation of Awards) and for his professionalism in his presentation. Mr Walsh has the ability to calmly bring all the elements together and do so in such a dignified manner.  Thank you for your constant support of the College. 

 It is through the assistance of all the wonderful staff members and the entire College community that an event such as Graduation Day is able to provide such a fitting conclusion to secondary education for our graduating students.  A most dignified farewell to an outstanding group of gentlemen.   

After a highly emotionally day I know that we are all looking forward to the HSC examinations. I am quietly confident we will have some outstanding results. Though you are almost there, keep studying and thanks for the memories.


On Thursday 6th September, Jacob Cohen of Y12 received the Bishop of Parramatta Award for Student Excellence at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta. The evening commences with Vespers followed by citations of all the recipients of this award. One student from every Catholic school in the diocese is presented to the Bishop of Parramatta for his commitment to his academic, social justice and leadership development. We congratulate Jacob on being the St Dominic’s College recipient of this prestigious award.


The Creative and Performing Showcase was an outstanding success with parents and students extremely proud of their art works or their performances. The format provides an opportunity for the community to celebrate the talents of both the music and visual arts departments. Congratulations to both Mr Lewis and Mr Wilson for their coordination of this significant event. The body of works from both departments enabled many of our students to express their creative inner self. We were honoured to have Mr Phillips return and provide us with an insight to his creative experiences.

Thank you all our staff from the administration, to maintenance, to hospitality for their contribution to making the evening such an enjoyable celebration of talent.  Thank you to our Visual Art department: Mrs Knowles, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Kennett and Mr Lewis; to our Music Department: Miss Ede, Mr Hine and Mr Wilson: To our hospitality team who provided an assortment of foods for all to enjoy: Mrs Monteleone and Mrs Kingston.

Thank you also to all those in attendance, as your support of our students is much appreciated, not only by myself but by the whole community especially the teachers and students.

Another rivalry week has come and gone with the students in all year groups competing in a six-a-side football competition during the week with the finals on Dommies Day.  The finals were held in the Br Warner Hall under Futsal rules.  All the games were extremely exciting with true House spirit being evident from all the students.

Dommies Day proved to one of the best days of the year with a revised format being highly successful.  It provided for great House spirit from the morning assembly, to the activities, to the prefect Aus Tag game, to the Ninja Warrior activity.  Who will ever forget the inflatables?  At the assembly Br Jeff Regan presented the Br Jeff Regan House Cup to the overall winning House for 2017/2018.  Points have been accumulated for all aspects of College life from academic, to co-curricula to sport. Students have received points for their involvement and achievement throughout the year.  After a small build up, Surawski were crowned House champions for 2018.  The day would not be successful without the guidance of Mr Jansz and the commitment of the House Coordinators and College Student leaders.  Well done to all. 

With so many activities in Term 3, I encourage all parents and families to visit our College website to have a taste of the life of a student at the College.


Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine


Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal