The month of November is such an important month in the Catholic calendar as we celebrate, pray and commemorate All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  Pope Francis speaks about All Saints’ Day in his address to the community where he outlined the importance for all Catholics “to let themselves be encouraged by the saints” as they did not live lives by half measures rather sort opportunities to assist those in need. Full extract of his address can be viewed on Pope on All Saints’ Day: Live for heaven, not the World.


During All Souls’ Day the Christian community remember all the faithful departed especially those who were close to us.  The faithful departed are constant in our prayers throughout the year but are especially commemorated on this day. Catholic online provide a greater understanding of the origin of All Souls Day. 


At a recent mass with EREA, the readings referred to the influence Jesus had over the society of the time.  Some today may say that he had ‘power’ over his followers, but this is definitely not the case.  Through his teachings and his action, Jesus was able to influence people in a positive manner, promoting the value of supporting the poor, sick, and the outcast. Those on the margins of society.  When we look at the ministry of Jesus and we identify those he associated with the poor, the sick, the outcast and all those who would be classified as on the margins.  We need to ask ourselves the same question: “Who do we surround ourselves with today?”  The Kingdom of God is in the making, here and now.  As members of God’s Kingdom, we need to be the fighters, the advocates, the doers who challenge the status quo of society and promote peace, love, and forgiveness.  Work with those who need our support. We as a Catholic community are responsible for upholding values and influence those around us in making this a better world.


With the College Academic year coming to close, a reminder that students will be required to attend the Annual Awards Evening, if they are receiving an award.  Y10 and Y11 have received their invitation, while Y7 – Y9 will receive these by Tuesday.  I have been overjoyed with the application of students to their studies in 2018 and hopefully this is reflected in their final reports.  All students have the ability to influence themselves and others in a positive way especially when it comes to their application to work and their development of right relationships.  As we finalise 2018, I would encourage all students to look for opportunities where they can express this influence.  Let us all continue to make St Dominic’s a great school by being ‘great’ ourselves.


Our College website continues to provide outstanding information of all our activities throughout the month.  Below are some of the highlights and a link for you to read:

·         Duke of Edinburgh

·         Y8 and Y9 Photography

·         Y12 Biology Assessments 

·         Launch of College Musical – Popstars 

·         Movember Activities

·         Y7 2019 Orientation Day 

·         Y10 Camp

·         White Ribbon Assembly and Walk 


Another month filled with many successes and outstanding contribution by both staff and students.


Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine


Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal