A sincere welcome to all new families who have entrusted the College in the education and care for their son(s).  As a College, it is our continual focus to improve each and every-day making every attempt to allow our Lord to be a guiding light in everything we do. I hope that your association with the College is an experience which will foster and further develop all his individual needs pastorally and in his learning.



As an inclusive community, we would like to welcome the new staff joining or returning to the College for 2019:

We welcome the return of Mrs Geerligs, Mr Hicks, Mr Turner, Mr McGillicuddy and from the recently closed SAVIO Education Centre, joining the Diverse Learning Team are Mr Thompson and Mrs Stanley.

Introducing to our community new members of our teaching and support staff:

–          Mr Churchill joining the PDHPE KLA

–          Mr O’Keeffe joining the VA and TAS KLA

–          Mrs Waygood joining the Science KLA

–          Mr Kroon joining the TAS KLA

–          Mr McKay joining the EMBARK / HSIE KLA

–          Mrs Michaleris who is the Public Relations / Communications Officer

Other interim replacements for the beginning ofTerm,

–          Mr Bourke covering for Ms Atkinson in the HSIE KLA, Ms Atkinson remains on maternity leave for Term 1

–          Mr Buckley covering for Mr Trieu in the Mathematics KLA

Please source the new roles and responsibilities from the College website for any Pastoral or Academic changes, to ensure you are directing your questions to the appropriate person who has carriage of your sons educational or pastoral requirements.


2018 WRAP UP

The Semester 2 Reports provided a snapshot as to where your son concluded the year. It is an opportunity at the beginning of a new year to review and identify new goals for the 2019 academic year. Identifying the change and the requirements to enact personalised behaviours to ensure the attainment of short and long-term goals. This is the case whether the student is in Year 7 at the beginning of their secondary education or in Year 12 concluding their association with the college.

Students who require an amended award from the Annual Awards Evening should direct these requests through their Pastoral Coordinator and we will endeavour to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


Whilst everyone was enjoying their holidays our maintenance team were busily preparing for the new academic year and the return of all staff and students. Many of the upgrades and modifications directly impact the students’ daily routine here at the College. Improvements ensure device connectivity in our blended learning environment for the smooth delivery of teaching and learning. Elements such as IT upgrades, improved printing functionality, greater wi-fi access, garden areas, seating areas, classroom refurbishments (A209/D210/D108/C Block), Warner Hall flooring upgrade, cricket nets removed (due for completion Wk 4), considerable painting and cleaning, flood damage repaired in A Block, automatic doors installed, keyless fob system installed for C Block to ensure safety of devices and resources, relocation of office spaces and the usual holiday period scheduled cleaning program. These works ensure that the facilities of the College are not only well maintained but ensure a quality learning environment for all members of our community. 




Parents are reminded that parking around the College is often quite difficult – especially when we have an event, evening function or a celebration on the College Grounds. Student Safety is our primary concern; to assist in this process, please do not park in the drop off section (often referred to as the ‘kiss and drop’ driveway) at the front of the College on Gascoigne Street – this is especially important in the afternoons when we have buses attempting to safely transport students’ home.


Parents are also reminded that the Copeland Street car park is for Staff parking only. Students should not be dropped off or picked up in this car park. Students have also been directed not to walk through this car park to enter the College main yard they are to enter using the gate directly at the Copeland Street Bus Shelter and enter the grounds from there. The drop off area for this gate is just beyond the designated bus bay on Copeland Street.

If students are catching a bus to school of a morning, they should enter the College directly after departing the bus and not take a detour across the road to either Hungry Jacks or the Service Station.

If students are catching a bus home, they are required to remain at the College under supervision of the Staff. They are not permitted to leave the College grounds before their bus arrives; more specifically they are not able to go to Hungry Jacks or the Service Station and return to catch their bus. This is especially important as the volume of traffic around the College is extremely high, we would prefer for the students to travel safely home under your direction.

Consequences always follow on from our decisions and actions, as such students failing to meet the College expectations around travelling to and from the College may be required to also accept the consequences and discipline procedures in place.


TERM 1, 2019

Term 1 marks the beginning of the many different pathways for the students (and as we recognised this week, many parents). Please empower yourself with the knowledge and information from the variety of College communication avenues i.e. College website, College App in the attempt to relieve the anxiety often generated by false or incorrect information. Evidently there should not be any surprises, if you are unsure please contact the relevant people at the College by phone or email. You son will also be provided with information either via note, canvas announcements or in his College diary.

As a professional learning community; we are half-way through the College Strategic Directions (SD) in the bid to insist that everything we challenge ourselves to do as part of an improvement cycle. Many objectives are being linked with the Australian Professional Teaching Standards in alignment with NESA and our own Annual Improvement Plan 2019 from the SD 2017 – 2020.

Allowing for the entire College community to transition from holiday mode into the new academic year, with the known fact that it coincides with our celebration of providing secondary education in the area for 60 years. Fortunately, this being my 20th year at SDC, I believe that it continues to be a wonderful place ever changing and improving in its delivery of a quality educational environment.

I wish all students and families the very best for the remainder of 2019.


Mr B Walsh

Deputy Principal