Year 11 2020 Subject Selection Process

The Year 11, 2020 Subject Selection Day was held on Tuesday 23rd July. All Year 10 students and their parents were provided with information concerning the Subject Selection Process for Year 11. The timeline for the process is shown below:

Weeks 1 and 2:

Students to enter Subject Selection Online (Web Portal).
Friday, 2nd August 2019 – due date for College Senior Agreement, Web Preference Receipt & $120 deposit to be returned to the front office.
NOTE: It is recommended for students to print additional copy of Web Preference Receipt for their own records.

Week 6:

Offer of position and courses to Year 10 students for Year 11 in 2020.

Weeks 6 and 7:

Student change requests of initial offer of position and courses.

Week 9:

Final Confirmation of position and courses

Year 9 2020 Subject Selections

The Year 9 2020 Subject Selection Day will occur on Wednesday 21st August. The following events will occur on this day:

Year 9 2020 Student Subject Information session (Period 1)
Year 9 2020 Subject Selection Evening (7pm in the Br Warner Hall) – Year 8 Students and their parents will be required to attend this event  

Year 8 students will also be provided with a Course Handbook to assist them in their decision making process for elective subjects in Year 9 and 10 for 2020 to 2021.


Visible Learning – Feedback?

As a College we are focussing on feedback as an effective tool in improving student performance. Student self-assessment is shown to impact highly on a student’s improvement. Take the time to discuss your son’s overall results so far throughout the year with a particular focus on whether he expected the grades reported upon in semester 1. More importantly if he was expecting a “C Grade” why would he have assessed himself at this level when he knew what was required to achieve at a higher level. At St Dominic’s our boys have a significant advantage in receiving detailed feedforward/feedback in what it takes to succeed and they should be taking up on this opportunity.


HSC Major Projects Showcase

The Year 12 HSC Major Projects Showcase was held on Tuesday, 30th July in the Treacy Centre. Click here for the news post on this event.


Year 7 to 11 Semester One Academic Awards Assembly

The Year 7 to 11 Semester One Academic Awards Assembly will occur on Monday, 5th August. This assembly will recognise the academic achievement of students for their strong performance and application in Semester 1. Awards will be presented on the following categories:

Year 7 to 9 Academic Award – a student who has received an A grade in a subject in their Half Yearly Report
Year 10 and 11 Academic Award – a student who has come first in course for a subject in Semester 1.


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