2019 HSC Updates

  • The HSC Examination will conclude on 11th November
  • HSC Assessment Ranks will be released to students from 12th November until 2nd December 
  • HSC Results are published to students via Students Online on 17th December
  • ATAR results are published to students via UAC from 1pm on 17th December we will provide a student BBQ. Details to be provided in the coming weeks.
  • Students are reminded to update all contact details associated to both of the above accounts as their College email accounts are closed 20th December

Year 11 – 2020 HSC Updates

  • Year 11 Preliminary Reports were emailed to parents on Friday, 25th October
  • Year 11 Students will be commencing the HSC courses and be issued with updated timetables in Week 3 this term

Year 11 Student Parent Teacher Interviews and HSC Major Projects Evening – 6th November

All Year 11 students and their parents are expected to book and attend this event. Year 11 students will be required to complete a Student Overview Booklet prior to this event to assist in the conversation that will occur during these interviews. Students who will be undertaking a major project in the HSC course will be expected to attend the Major Projects information session from 5:15pm to 5:45pm. Further details on this event can be found in the parent letter by clicking here.

Study Advice – see supports via Elevate

  • Discuss your son’s schedule this term and assist him in his planning.
  • Study consists of note taking, question practice and feedback (via solutions, peers, teachers).
  • Study is completed in a cycle where the number of weaknesses is ever decreasing.
  • Study is ongoing and begins weeks in advance, the evening before serves a purpose but in isolation is of limited value. 

Year 10 2020: Laptop Renewal now due

  • As students move into their senior schooling with strict NESA guidelines applied, it is recommended that your son’s device is updated to ensure he has an insured device under warranty for his next 3 years. Devices recommended are published via our website. The College has the capacity to provide prompt support (including loan devices) to devices under current HP service contracts, device issues outside such contracts will not be supported at the College.