We welcome the return of Mr Bourke, who will recontinue his role as College Indigenous Liaison Officer. In welcoming Mr Bourke back, we would like to sincerely thank Mr Peake for taking on the responsibilities of this role in Mr Bourke’s absence.

The following changes to the teaching staff for Term 1 are as follows:

  • Mr Hine will be on leave for Weeks 6 and 7;
  • Mr Naicker will be on leave for Week 7.

As outlined in the Torch last month, we welcomed new staff members to the St Dominic’s College community. We also congratulate and wish every success to those staff members who have obtained leadership positions. Along with changes, please source the new roles and responsibilities from the College website for any Pastoral or Academic requirements, to ensure you are directing your questions to the appropriate person who has carriage of your sons’ educational or pastoral needs.




As we are halfway through Term 1, parents and students are reminded that from the beginning of Term 2, our full winter uniform is worn which includes the College blazer. It might be a timely reminder to have your son try on his blazer from last year to ensure it fits.

Also, a reminder that students are no longer permitted to wear the ‘old’ College tracksuit. The transition time period has lapsed, the College tracksuit worn must be the most current one. Along with the wearing of our ‘old’ College sports shirt with the House coloured sleeve, this shirt is not permitted to be worn.

The College House shirts are to be brought to school (not worn to or from) and worn by students in Years 7 – 10 during the following times:

  • PD/H/PE practical lessons;
  • Recreational sport activities on Thursday afternoons;
  • Required for House activities throughout the year, e.g. Dommies Day. 

Any questions regarding the required uniform, please check the College Diary (Pages 23/24) or contact your sons’ Pastoral Coordinator for clarification.


Travelling to and from school each day requires added responsibilities. Many of our commuters within the community often email and phone in positive comments regarding students from the College and their respectful behaviour shown towards the general public. This is always very pleasing to hear as the Penrith community does hold St Dominic’s in high regard and, as a community, we endeavour to maintain this reputation. Of course, this reputation also extends to students who travel to and from school on trains and buses. There have been so many positive comments made about how well dressed the students, whilst waiting at bus stops around the local streets as they are going to and from work and I encourage all students to continue this high level of community awareness and their role in it. There are those however, at times who make poor decisions whilst travelling to and from school. These students are reminded, they too, must behave appropriately on buses and trains, following our Code of Conduct (outlined on Page 16 of 2020 College Diary). Appropriate behaviour and being respectful to all commuters including the drivers, must be at the forefront of our decision making and positive behaviours.




Parents are reminded that parking around the College is often quite difficult – especially when we have an event, evening function or a celebration on the College Grounds. Student Safety is our primary concern; to assist in this process, please do not park in the drop off section (often referred to as the ‘kiss and drop’ driveway) at the front of the College on Gascoigne Street – this is especially important in the afternoons when we have buses attempting to safely transport students’ home.

 Parents are also reminded that the Copeland Street, car park is for Staff parking only. Students should not be dropped off or picked up in this car park. Students have also been directed not to walk through this car park to enter the College main yard they are to enter using the gate directly at the Copeland Street Bus Shelter and enter the grounds from there. The drop off area for this gate is just beyond the designated bus bay on Copeland Street.

If students are catching a bus to school of a morning, they should enter the College directly after departing the bus and not take a detour across the road to either Hungry Jacks or the Service Station.no parking sign

If students are catching a bus home, they are required to remain at the College under supervision of the Staff. They are not permitted to leave the College grounds before their bus arrives; more specifically they are not able to go to Hungry Jacks or the Service Station and return to catch their bus. This is especially important as the volume of traffic around the College is extremely high, we would prefer for the students to travel safely home under your direction.

Consequences always follow on from our decisions and actions, as such, students failing to meet the College expectations around travelling to and from the College may be required to also accept the consequences and discipline procedures in place.


INTERIM ARRANGEMENTS FOR MOBILE DEVICES – i.e. mobile phones / laptops

In support of our dynamic learning environment and continuing to build positive healthy relationships between staff and students, the following guidelines have been in place to begin the College year.

Homeroom / Pastoral Periods
• Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during Homeroom.
• Laptops are permitted in Homeroom for College use only e.g. canvas or other College requirements.



Before School, Recess, Lunch and After School
• Mobile phones may be used to check College notifications or for limited personal use. Students are not encouraged to be on their mobile phone for long periods of time.
• Laptops are not permitted for use in the yard, ovals or outdoor spaces during the above times. Students may continue to use their laptop within the Edmund Rice Learning Centre, for College use only.



During Class time
• Mobile phones are only to be used for teaching and learning purposes at the classroom teacher’s discretion.
• Laptops are permitted within class for teaching and learning purposes only.


Staff, students and parents will be invited to contribute to these interim arrangements throughout Semester One. We look forward to your valuable feedback as we continue to work together in updating our College policies and procedures. 


Mr B. Walsh

College Deputy Principal