Year 10 RoSA evening 

 The Year 10 RoSA Information Evening was held on Monday 17th February, 2020. 

Those in attendance were provided with information on the following crucial topics:  

  • Assessment requirements – NESA and College; 
  • Illness/Misadventure procedures;
  • N Warning and N determination procedures;
  • Consequences of failure to successfully complete tasks and courses; 
  • College Policies and Procedures in assisting your son; 
  • College BYOD Program and ICT Initiatives;
  • College Learning Management System – Canvas. 



Assessment and Reporting – Reminders 

Please be reminded that each of you have access to your son’s Canvas account. On the syllabus section of each of his course pages will be the Assessment Schedules and Scope and Sequences for the year. This will allow your son to keep on top of his workload in each subject. You also have access to this through the Parent App, allowing you to better support your son in his learning. With the ability of Canvas to supply you with ongoing progress and results, you have access to a wonderful tool that will assist you in supporting your son. Remember also that your son’s assessment tasks will be on the College Calendar by Week 6. This will allow you to know the exact day and time that the task will be due.  


Canvas Workshops – February 13 

Thank you to all families that attended our Canvas support workshops. It was wonderful to see so many of you wanting to engage with your son’s learning through the information that Canvas provides. The Parent App has some great features that will allow you to stay in touch with your son’s ongoing learning. 


Digital Textbooks  

Please note that your son should now have access to all his digital resources. For Year 7-10 this is the Jacaranda Bundle, and for Year 11 and 12 this is his digital textbooks purchased through the Endeavour portal. Please note that if your son is yet to get this access, not only will he be at a significant disadvantage in his learning, he will also be receiving a College Detention for not complying with his learning requirements. If there are any issues preventing you from being able to purchase this resource, please contact Mrs Horne from the finance office to make suitable arrangements. 


Staff Professional Learning   

Staff have had some significant professional development opportunities so far this year during our Monday Professional Learning afternoons. In week 2, we began with a Getting to know your own student’s session. This involved looking at the report and NAPLAN data from 2019 to better inform our teachers of the learning needs of the students in their classes. Week 3 was a HSC Symposium. This involved a number of teachers, who had students with significant learning gain in their HSC year, sharing their advice and tips for HSC success. Staff then had the opportunity to dig deeper into our HSC results to inform our practice for 2020. Week 4 was the introduction of our Professional Learning Team meetings. This involved our teaching staff getting into smaller working groups for the year. In these groups they set and share their own professional goals and plan visits to observe each other in the classroom. This is designed to promote collaboration and the sharing of teaching ideas.   


We hope your sons have had a good start to their learning for 2020. 



Mr L Borg                                                          Ms M Day                                             Mr D Gerlach

Director of Curriculum                                     Director of Diverse Learning             Director of Teaching and Learning