Online Learning Environment 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding shown during the College’s preparation for an online learning environment for Term 2. We appreciate it has been a difficult time for families to adjust to the rapidly evolving situation. Please refer to our previous communication on the Phase 2 guidelines for online learning during Term 2 


Some areas to highlight: 

Stage 4-5 will continue in accordance with expectations at the end of Term 1 
  • Lessons will be placed in announcements at 8:30am each day 
  • Students are expected to complete all set work and submit as necessary 
  • Students are expected to contact the classroom teacher if any issues arise with them completing work set 
Stage 6 will have an extra expectation of a 2 scheduled online lessons with their teachers each week 
  • Lessons will take place twice in their normal scheduled lessons in the timetable 
  • The lesson will occur as a Microsoft Teams Meeting 
  • The instruction will take place for approximately 15 minutes, with students completing work for the remainder of the lesson time 
  • Students are expected to be present for the meeting and a roll will be taken. 
If students cannot attend please contact the classroom teacher before the lesson is scheduled. 



Some other important things to note at this time: 


HSC 2020  

NESA has announced that the HSC exams will still proceedPrincipals now have the discretion to determine the number, type and weighting of assessment in Stage 6. As per recent communication to the St Dominic’s College community, where possible, the College will attempt to minimise changes to assessment unless it is necessary. NESA has provided updated advice with regard to assessment in some courses due to COVID-19, as outlined below:   

  • There will be no ensemble performances in Music or group performances in Drama. 
  • Extensions have been granted for major projects and portfolios in Design & Technology, Industrial Technology, & Visual Arts. 
  • Practical components of the above-mentioned major projects will now be marked internally. 
  • Mandatory work placement in VET courses has been waived for 2020.       

Please consult NESA also for updates at the following website: 


Yr 7-11 Assessment 
  • Submission of assessment tasks remains an expectation of all students. 
  • All assessments that are scheduled to be submitted online will continue via Canvas. If it is necessary to modify tasks, a revised assessment task notification will be communicated via your son’s individual CANVAS course.  
  • In the absence of specific KLA information, all scheduled in-class and practical tasks have been postponed and rescheduled until furthenotice.   


Year 12 Half Yearly &  Year 7-11 Term 1 Interim DSE Reports 

All academic and DSE reports were emailed during the holidays. Please contact if you are yet to receive your son’s report  


We hope your son’s learning can continue smoothly in the online learning environment. Please be assured our St Dominic’s staff are working very hard to ensure this happensIf you have any questions or concerns about this, we encourage you to contact us. 


Mr L Borg 

Director of Curriculum 


Miss M Day 

Director of Diverse Learning 


Mr D Gerlach 

Director of Teaching and Learning