Our students have had a positive start to Term 2 and it is great to see so many of our young men representing the College well throughout the broader Penrith community. Representative sport for the term has well and truly commenced and it is evident that football season is in full swing with the amount of plaster casts, boots, slings and black eyes seen around the school yard.

In Term 1, the majority of our students scored well with their DSE (Diligence and Sustained Effort) and Mr Ronchetti hosted a special luncheon in Week 3 to acknowledge those students who received 100%. This is a huge achievement for these students and they are to be congratulated on their efforts. The students who scored 100% are:


  • Flynn Cole
  • Samuel Hull
  • Jack Christopher
  • Callan Kean
  • Andrew Nicotera
  • Bensen Payyappilly
  • Lachlan Harris
  • Joshua Lewin
  • Marley Satchell
  • Snehin Talusani
  • Francesco Zappia
  • Gino Carvo
  • Anthony Fava
  • Alexander Gouriotis
  • Harrison Mehew
  • Corey Moore
  • Toby Camilleri
  • Christian Fabiano
  • Oscar King
  • Andi Maksum
  • Bailey Murphy
  • William Smith
  • Jeremy Vella
  • Jarred Haydon
  • Oliver Nekic

There is a small percentage of students who were not working to their full potential during Term 1 and may need some further guidance with their learning.

The majority of our students represent the College in a really positive manner, however there are at times a small minority who let the team down, and need to make improvements or some adjustments to their actions. Parent support and encouragement helps staff to reinforce the College expectations around academic performance, behaviour, grooming and uniform. Over the past term, we have needed to focus on the areas below with our students as a whole:

  • Student lateness. School begins at 8:35am and we ask that if students are late to school, parents provide an explanation for their lateness. This can be done via the College website, an entry in your son’s diary or by notifying the front office. Those students who have unexplained absences for two or more days over the period of a week or who arrive after 9am, will be issued with a Friday lunch detention.
  • It is an expectation that all students represent the College in full school uniform when off College premises as well as at the College itself. Students are required to wear blazers and ties to and from school during Terms 2 and 3.
  • When travelling on public transport, our students are expected to act in a manner that is respectful, responsible and representative of College expectations. When some of our students make poor choices to act in a manner that is unsafe, there can be ramifications for the boys, members of the community and our College reputation. 
  • Rubbish in the playground is an ongoing battle. With so much media focus on climate change and environmental concerns of our world, it is disappointing that our boys can’t seem to keep the playground clean. Conversations at home about responsibility for the planet helps support the message we are trying to give our young men. 
  • The College diary is a helpful resource for student organisation and can be used as a communication tool. There is a monthly planner in the diary which can assist students in organizing their assessment schedule and homework. The Year 7 – 9 diary also contains weekly wellbeing activities that align with the College resilience project. Students are encouraged to make use of these tools to promote their wellbeing and learning.

It has been exciting to host whole school events again and our students have thus far been exceptional in their behaviour and reverence during these gatherings which have included: Stations of the Cross, ANZAC day, National Sorry Day and learning assemblies. These events are a great way to build a sense of community and acknowledge the special occasions of our community and the hard work of our students. Our next big event is the Athletics Carnival on the 4thJune and we hope that all students embrace the House spirit and competition of this day.


Miss M Day

Director of Diverse Learning and 

Acting Director of Pastoral Care